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Specific Heats and Latent Heat

Lab Procedure for Specific Heats and Latent Heat Specific Heat of Solid Materials 1. Weigh the solid materials provided. This is the procedure to get Mm on the data sheet.


Latent Heat of Fusion of Ice

Put the foam cup on the lab counter. Stir the water carefully with the ... Q = 5.0 g 333 J /g= 1700 J Latent Heat of Fusion of Ice C.1.39 / Curriculum Framework / Why ...


Chemistry Lab 12: Heat of Fusion of Ice

Chemistry Lab 12: Heat of Fusion of Ice Introduction The amount of energy required to convert a solid to a liquid, at constant pressure and temperature, is called the ...


Lab 7 - Heat and Temperature

Chemistry 100 Fall 2008 1 Lab 7 - Heat and Temperature Purpose: Observe the first ... Determine the heat of fusion of ice Determine the heat of neutralization of acids and ...


Latent Heat of Fusion

19c Latent Heat of Fusion - 1 - Latent Heat of Fusion Introduction The purpose of this lab is to determine the Latent Heat of Fusion of ice. In this experiment the heat of ...


Heat of Fusion

75 Heat of Fusion Object: Determine the ... in grams; L f is the latent heat of fusion of ice ... In the Report, list all measured values for the latent heat under Numerical ...



EXPERIMENT #6: THERMOCHEMISTRY INTRODUCTION Overview Thermodynamics is the study of the energy changes that accompany chemical and physical transformations.


Lab 1: Heat of fusion of ice

Chemistry 150 Please have the following pages ready before class on Wednesday, January 10. Write an abstract and paper-clip it to the front of your individual writeup.


Lab #10 Thermal Physics

1 Lab #10 Thermal Physics Purpose: To determine the specific heat of metal samples, and to determine the heat of fusion for ice. Equipment: Calorimeter Triple beam ...


Heat of Fusion

April 15, 2009 Heat of Fusion of Ice (Introduction to the LabPro System) The purpose of this lab is twofold: 1) introduce you to the LabPro system for data collection and 2 ...



... capacity, specific heat, and latent heat of fusion ... PROBLEM #5: LATENT HEAT AND THE MASS OF ICE Lab I - 14 What is the ... Lab I - 23 PHYSICS 1102 LABORATORY REPORT ...


Physics 213 Laboratory Measurement of Specific Heat Capacity and ...

Physics 213 Laboratory Measurement of Specific Heat Capacity and Latent Heat of Fusion Purpose : Using calorimetry, the specific heat capacity of a maetal and the latent ...



PART TWO: Heat of Fusion You will drop a piece of ice into warm water so that it all melts and ... Pre-Lab: Assume no heat flows into the thermos, since you have corrected ...


Heat of Fusion for Ice

Computer 4 Chemistry with Vernier 4 - 1 Heat of Fusion for Ice Melting and freezing behavior are ... Vernier Lab Safety Instructions Disclaimer THIS IS AN EVALUATION COPY OF THE ...



HEATING CURVE of WATER prepared by Helen L. Kennedy, Ph.D. Hana Enterprises OBJECTIVES To monitor time and temperature of an ice water bath as it is slowly raised to a boil.


Calorimetry -Specific Heat and Latent Heat

Chapter2 Calorimetry -Specific Heat and Latent Heat 2.1 Purpose The purpose of this experiment is to study the relationship between heat flow and temperature.


Experiment 4-Heat of Fusion and Melting Ice Experiment

Experiment 4-Heat of Fusion and Melting Ice Experiment In this lab, the heat of fusion for water will be determined by monitoring the temperature changes while a known mass ...


Experiment 11 Specific Heat and Heat of Fusion

In this part of the experiment you will find the latent heat of fusion of ice. ... If it applies to you, write I have not cheated on this lab report and sign ...


Chemistry CP Name: Lab: Heat of Fusion of Ice

Chemistry CP Name: Lab: Heat of Fusion of Ice Date: According to the kinetic-molecular theory, all molecules are in constant random motion. If energy is absorbed by a ...


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... Determine the heat capacity of the calorimeter (C cal) ii) Measure the heat of fusion of ice ... POST-LAB/REPORT Complete the Excel template on the Chem. 152 Lab web siteand turn ...


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