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SNC2D Science Department September 23, 2004 Basics of Inorganic Chemical Nomenclature 1. Nomenclature of Diatomic Compounds (or compounds containing only two elements).

2008-2009 Indianola Public Schools Curriculum Pacing Guide

Microsoft Word - GHS_10-12_chemistry_2008_pacing_guide.doc


Learning Assistance Center Southern Maine Community College OXIDATION NUMBERS 1 SECTION A - Assigning Oxidation Numbers This worksheet presents the material in a slightly ...

Bonding Basics - Ionic Bonds Complete the chart for each element.

... to the new location. 4 - Determine the charge for each ion and write the formula. 5 - Make sure the sum of the oxidation numbers is zero and write the chemical formula. 6 ...

Dickenson County Public Schools Grade 11/12 Chemistry Curriculum ...

3 Dickenson County Public Schools Grade 11/12 Chemistry Curriculum Map/Pacing Guide 2007-08 Time Frame SOLS/ Related SOLS and Strand LESSONS/SKILLS SUGGESTED RESOURCES ASSESSMENT ...

Chemical Names Formulas

9 Think of writing an ionic formula as looking for a lowest possible ratio of ... Criss-Cross Method Ionic Formula Ionic compound Cation Anion Polyatomic ion

Chemical Bonding, Electrochemistry, and Environmental Problems

r2 f:filescourses17104th editioncompoundobjectives.docx 08/04/09 Chem 1710 -- Introduction to Chemistry and Physics Chemical Bonding, Electrochemistry, and ...

Nomenclature for Ionic Compounds

Writing Formulas Write the formula for calcium chloride. Calcium is Ca2+ ... 1-(use criss-cross method) Write the formulas for these Lithium sulfide

Chemistry 08-09.pages

Subject: Chemistry Calendar: Intro Week Timeframe: 3 periods Level/Grade: High School Intro to Chemistry Unit Objectives: TSW 1.) Evaluate scientific theory and its ...

First Semester General Chemistry: Week Lecture Topics

Reading Suggested Laboratory Activities

The Crisscross Method

Example: Write the formula for barium chloride. Step 1: ... the numbers onlynot the signs this time, writing the ... 2) =-2 Directions: Use the crisscross method to write the ...

Chemical Formulas and Chemical Compounds

What is the oxidation number of oxygen in peroxides? (a)-2 (b) -1 (c) 0 (d) +2 8. ... CCk, Stock system 25 Chemical Formulas and Chemical Compounds HRW ...

Writing Formulas for nic Compounds

... can form Fe +2 or Fe +3 Ions of the ame element with ere nt oxidation ... II) Fe +2, Iron (III) Fe +3 Rules for riting Formulas Both the name nd the number must ...


5288 Holt Chemistry CH1 rev.

CHAPTER 7 REVIEW Chemical Formulas and Chemical Compounds SECTION 7-2 SHORT ANSWERAnswer the following questions in the space provided. 1. Assign the oxidation number to the ...

Chemistry Chapter 7Nomenclature Rules!

NOTE: Reverse criss cross may work here. Fe 2 O 3 ... states of the metal and use the criss-cross method to determine the formula. ... and working on your nomenclature worksheets!

CK-12 Chemistry Workbook

20 TheSolidState Worksheets-HSC 121 20.1 Lesson20.1 The Molecular Arrangement in Solids Controls Solid Characteri stics ..... 121 20.2 ...

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation in Science

... through various activities, worksheets, projects etc ... A method of separation of insoluble solid from a ... Students may practice writing chemical formula of few molecules of ...

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