iPhone For Dummies: Includes iPhone 4 (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))

Author: Edward C. Baig
Publisher: For Dummies
Publication Date: 2010-08-12

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iPhone For Dummies: Includes iPhone 4 (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))

The full-color guide to getting the most out of your iPhone

Completely updated and revised throughout, this full-color guide covers Apple’s new iPhone and iOS 4. Bestselling veteran authors Baig and LeVitus introduce you to the capabilities of the iPhone whether you’re making phone calls, browsing the Internet, sending and receiving e-mails, working with the calendar, watching videos, taking great photos, or much more. You’ll discover how to set up iTunes, buy music and videos from the iTunes store, protect your information, troubleshoot, multitask, and download the hundreds of thousands of apps available from the App Store.

  • Gets you started with your iPhone, and puts you on your way to mastering the multitouch interface, synchronizing your data, making phone and video calls, texting, working with the calendar, and more
  • Explains setting up iTunes, watching videos, taking photos, and buying music
  • Walks you through connecting to the Internet, sending and receiving e-mails, getting directions from GPS maps, protecting your information, and troubleshooting
  • Addresses browsing and downloading any of the hundreds of thousands of applications from the App Store
  • Includes coverage of iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and the new iPhone 4

Presented in the straightforward-but-fun style that defines the Dummies series, iPhone For Dummies, 4th Edition is the only book you’ll need to get comfortably acquainted with your new iPhone.

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  • http://www.ibs.net Arun Arji

    It looks good enough




      SO BY ANDROID :)))

    • GHshshgfgahdggks

      Take it back to Apple. But knowing that you haven’t done that, you’re either an idiot or it’s your fault it’s broken. I mean, you can’t take back a glass vase because you smashed it. Why should the iPhone be different?

  • Krsta

    OMG, only retarded Apple users might need something like “gayPhone for dummies”… Seriously, is iOS THAT complicated that you need “for dummies” book?

    • Loy037

      I think it is more the thing only dummies use the mere obvious applications. Apparently it is super powerful and you have to know how to use it to make a Frapacino Late hamburger.
      Plus it also makes an excellant shovel when you’re knee deep in it.


      F*** you homophobe! it’s not… but there are ELDERLY people who WANT to learn! (My grandmother included)

    • Outwiththeold

      fuck you ass lick u seem to have forgot or never knew that u suck android cock

  • Captain Scarlet

    Who wants a queerphone when you can have a man’s phone…the Samsung Note. SIG (Samsung’s Iconic Galaxy)

    • Esteban Trabajos

      Hey! Captain (I asume you’re a sailor) how could you talk about a “man’s phone” when your nick is “Captain Scarlet”???… WTF???.. FAIL!!! my friend!

    • James

      Yeah, a real man calls himself “Captain Scarlet” xD

      • Surajnaircpgc

        hahahaha lolzzzzzzzzz. james – That was awesome..

      • Hogman

        Right on James, I caught that too, more like Captain Poof!! (British for Homosexual)

    • checkertime

      was in restroom @ denny’s and saw this wrote on wall, Captain Scarlet gives head for android apps call 1-800-queer

    • Ccapolupo

      Captain scarlet you seem like a gay sailor

  • Frank

    People that trash iphones are people that wish they had an iPhone.
    U dumbass blackberry doorknobs deserve what u got.

    Whammo boom ha ha..

  • YouTube

    Because krsta. The iPhone is too freaking amazing with it’s billions of amazing features so if you still wear a diaper you may need a manual.

    (I’m hard CORE for APPLE)

    • @icomefromb

      I am typing this on an iPhone right now. I would prefer to have an iPhone because I can just jailbreak and have a ton of features. But android has what I need to jailbreak for. Sooooo iPhone may have features that are nice, but it’s a smart phone and the piece of shit android phone from Walmart sold by virgin mobile has more things it can do than an iPhone. I think the most incredible phone out there is the Droid to be honest. Not an android powered phone, but an actual droid. I think you have never tried any other phone such as a galaxy s2 or a droid bionic. If you did and you got used to how it worked, you would rather have anything but an iPhone. All android gets free music btw

    • Dante

      OMG, i am the world’s BIGGEST fan and i would defend them to no the day i DIE!!!

      So i see absolutely no point in arguing with children and their Android Phones. They simply feel threatened whenever they see someone with an iPhone and shit themselves. Hahahaha

  • Daemon

    I work for a cellular outfit, I can tell you from professional experience, the Iphone really has no distinct advantage except the its made by apple, oh and the reps are complete dicks, and I mean DICKS, they think they’re f***in donald trump walkin in the place like ‘yeah I work for apple’. Oh and our company had to shell out over 9.4 million dollars last year simply to train all of the staff so they were ‘allowed’ to sell Iphones, honestly, no one learned ANYTHING in the training course. And finally Blackberry, no matter how popular they get, will not threaten to pull it’s supply out of your company if you decide you want to put them on display beside the other major brands, Apple demands it’s own separate display area at least 3.5 meters from any other brand of mobile phone. They have a superiority complex, and they need to be brought down a peg or 6.

    • momof4

      So agree Daemon. All iPhone is, is a name. I’ve had it and i wasn’t impressed. I’ll stick wit Android (:

      • Melkor45

        Guys u should remember who did the first individual computer, apple is the most valued firm on the earth today and google just try to intervine in every area. You should see this and android is not a copy of ios maybe but all of its apps are so. I have had an 5110 14 years ago and we were able to had many information on those years. What changed is many things like gps, web search is on your phone. I am using bb 9780 and even i can use many features with it even msn, whatsupp, bb messenger, youtube, gps, google, anything i need. Actually you young generation don’t consume what you need. I know people who bought iphone 4s while owning a iphone 4. How stupid those people are. I stil have respect for Apple and they prove that they are worthy.

    • JACK

      Oh you work for a cellular outfit and work for apple? I think if anybody is a DICK Or A HOMO it is “YOU” And All You Android Fagots! By The Way, Crash Of The Androids Coming Soon To A PEEP SHOW NEAR YOU! For Infested ANDRID APP LOVERS YES, THIS MEANS All YOU That Are PLASTC NO RESPECT PIGS

    • Interested1

      If this is true, why does the att store have the iphones right next to crackberry and motorola? Theres not even six inches between them…

    • Interested1

      If this is true, why does the att store have the iphones right next to crackberry and motorola? Theres not even six inches between them…

    • guest

      Why can I only ‘Like’ once?

  • http://www.parasitech.net Salil

    Android is the recent trend. When that goes there will be something else to crib about. Cribbing never stops…. sob sob.

  • Ranjit

    And we all know that Apple gets its processors from Samsung !!

  • lulu

    dont be haters!!! if u cant beat them (iPhone users) then join them

  • darkness

    Its’ quite humorous that the iPhone lovers (homo’s) seem to think that when someone drops some real knowledge about Android superiority, the only thing they can say, is “you want an iPhone”. I know for a fact, I would never buy an Apple product. Ever. They are not for people who like to actually think and use their brains. But whatever, to each his own. I’ll stick with Android.

    • random troll

      trash them both and get a real computer!

    • GHshshgfgahdggks

      I think you are just ignorant. I do not know how you can pretend that people that use iPhones do not use their brains. There is nothing stupid about having a smartphone that is laid out in a logical fashion – not only does it save time but it also means that you can operate it without wasting time reading an instruction manual. So people that insist on using a phone that is terribly and over-complexly laid out? Those are the people with no brains.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1416638763 Christopher Ross Hind

        By the way, just how do you get USB mass storage working on the iPhone, it should be quick and clear, it is an essential feature that £30 DUMBPHONES still have.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000548425711 Michael Samaras

          People who prefer ease of use over complexity and more options most don’t need are stupid?

          • Andy


          • fuck apple

            you deserve your Iphone then. have fun. (as the rest of the world gets smarter )

          • andy is a real retard.

            if you want something that (everybody) can use, stick with your crap proprietary product that supports nothing other than their own, and leave the real good stuff to us who want real functionality.
            hey.. by the way, you said stupid shit and had no answer back for his real issue. (add :flash, silverlight, etc. ) I know.. you have no idea what those things are, because you never use them, and have no clue. so… shhh… go play with your toy block you spent WAY too much money on. hey btw, how are those games working on those apple products? working out for ya?

          • guest

            those apps? great! i have had both an iPhone and android, and i will NEVER spend another penny on an android phone. the apps suck, it looks like crap, and the thing can’t even live for a night. Apple has a much clearer screen (because of the glass screen), it loads 10 times faster (because all the apps are approved by Apple, so nothing can slow it down), and Apple found out the perfect way to keep battery life. I will give you credit though, my android did make the perfect dust collector though!

          • Anonymous

            i hate to tell you that the estimated and tested average battery life on the 4 and the 4s is around 6.75 to 7 hours straight from sprint website and private testers and the estimated battery life on the galaxy s2 is 8 to 9.75 hours from the same sources the photon is tested above 14 hours of use(mind you its not sleep time just use and browsing and gaming and using data) and both phones use a more powerful processor and are not factory under clocked by their respective manufactures or sellers, so your first argument is false, now,as to your second argument, a simple trip to youtube




            your going to want to mute the last one

            will prove that one false. I have the original slider epic 4g from sprint and get an average battery life of 16 hours of normal use which is great and i use the browser and 4g a lot. also the only thing apple screening of apps do is make money for apple because of the fees needed to be paid to get onto the appstore, whereas the android market place is free to sell on and use.

          • I can think for myself

            1. Whats wrong with a product everyone can use? surely thats a good thing?
            2. Are you claiming the iPhone doesn’t have any functionality, cos i seem to be able to text, call, email, search the web and use the websites that show up, get directions (and swivel the map to face the direction i’m going which helps people with no sense of direction like me) and hundreds of other things via third party apps. Not that other phones don’t, just that iPhone does.
            3. I use my computer for flash and silverlight as i don’t spend 100% of time on my phone like an anti-social little tech freak. I like to interact with real people and use my phone for all that above functionality.
            Almost all smartphones have the basics that you need and the iPhone is my preferred device due to ease of use, additional functions and personal taste. stop telling people what to think, we have our own brains, thanks.

          • guest

            I think what people are saying is that you turn your brain off to use iOS devices. Yes all smart phones have similar functions; phone, text, GPS, camera. But people please use a device to device comparison. iPhone is a device, iOS is the operating system that runs on the iPhone. Android is just an operating system. This is where Android offers what iOS cannot. Options. iPhone – storage; that’s it. Android, manufacturer, overlay, processor, RAM, storage, screen size, screen resolution, phone dimensions, file sharing, Flash, Silverlight; for those times where your boss needs that answer RIGHT NOW and you are on the corner of 15 and 3rd and the site you need to look at is all Flash… I took three iPhones from their users and placed them on the table and asked each one to take back theirs. They turned on the screens examined them for a few seconds until after about 45 seconds they found their phone. Then again with the users with Incredibles; all the users did was hit power and knew what one was theirs. Why? They had custom layouts for their home screen. One user loved minimalist widgets. While the other liked the weather on his, and the other wanted a blank home screen. NOTE I reset the backgrounds on all 6 devices to be the same to make things fair. That is what the Android folks are trying to say. You have more custom options with how you use your phone. And once you put everything in place you will enjoy it more. When I showed my layout to an iPhone user, he just stared and said, “Damn, I wish I had access like that to my stuff.” He is on his third iPhone, and waited in line for them all. I am on my 1st droid and waited 5 min, and paid $150. 2 years later and it is still the best phone I have had; if you don’t count my Blackberry’s ability to float in the Hudson over the GWB. Impressive RIM, quite impressive.

          • walter

            you have no idea what an iphone and a brain can do together, jailnbreak the os and u have no limits had both and i will never choose andriod over iphone

        • Coloursplashdan

          Lol its called a fucking usb flash drive lol.

        • Daza17

          Seriously, why would you need to mount a USB if all of your work is stored in the ‘cloud’ (iCloud or Mobile Me) and you can access it anywhere whether it be stored locally or through wifi/3G/4G. And if it was essential I am sure there is an iPhone/iPod/iPad compatible USB converter and app so you can use the USB.

          • Christian Hagen

            Aye, there’s the rub: “…compatible USB converter and app…”

            Meaning…? More money, more money, more money. Why do you need to have a USB converter? USB is a worldwide standard. Why do you need an app to use USB? USB is a worldwide standard.

            And why do you HAVE to store it in “the cloud”? If I want to transfer something from my phone to my computer, when in the same room, even USB 1.1 (12Mbs) is faster than first uploading it to the cloud at cellular network speed, then downloading it to the computer, or even just downloading it from the cloud.

            Apple is for dumb people who doesn’t even see that they’re being b*******ed at EVERY SINGLE STEP OF THE ROAD.

          • who cares!!!!

            btw anything you download onto your apple device immediately gets uploaded onto iCloud and transferred to all other devices under the same iCloud ID so infact it is faster AND easier get your facts straight!

            think you’re such a genius yourself? go take some grammar lessons. i have a calculated IQ of over 140 and i’m only thirteen i prefer iPhone because i don’t wanna spend hours programming my phone if I’m only gonna use it for communicating with others and finding out what i need to know like smartphones were made for. i don’t plan on spending my entire day on a phone when i can be spending time with real people. also if you really were as smart as you are implying you’d know that everyone is entitled to their opinion and you can’t tell them what to think. seriously??? grow up and get a life!! staring at a fan would be a much better use of your time!!

          • Christian Hagen

            OK, so I didn’t know that Apple had taken such control over the user’s content as to automatically upload it to the iCloud whether or not you wanted to. Another lesson learned. Thank you. I love learning, so no sarcasm intended.

            I can’t really see where I told anyone what to think. Too bad you can’t live by the words you preach when you basically tell me to shut up, and attack my grammar. You’re basically telling me that my opinion is less worth than yours, and therefore your opinion is the only right one. Well, that’s your opinion, you’re entitled to it.

            What about the rest of my argument? I believe I had a few more points I argued.

            BTW: I’m Norwegian. Not being a native English speaker, I accept that a thirteen year old who lives in a country where English is the native language is better at it than I. Though your capitalization and punctuation is somewhat lacking. Even for someone with my lack of grammatical skills.

    • Goatsmilk

      Android superiority? Is that Sort of Like Someone Like You With SHIT FOR BRAINS AND NO RESPECT FOR THE DEAD And It Takes A HOMO TO KNOW ONE, You Are THe faggot!

      • …respect?

        …I’m gonna assume the ‘respect for the dead’ bit refers to steve jobs and say that your opinion of an entrepreneur or inventors product bears little relation to your opinion of an entrepreneur or inventor. I love the iPhone but hate, for example, machine guns. I have no opinion, good or bad, about the guy who invented machine guns.

      • f@990t

        Well let’s see here. I am gay, I have had iPhones, they are currently functioning as iPods for my nieces; for that is all I seem them good for. I have had blackberries, they are all laying in pieces scattered throughout the US, because they make great straight bashing weapons when people call me faggot. I have had droids, and will continue to have them. So, I guess my attraction to the same sex is causing me to completely discount iPhone as my personal device because I like to tell my devices, that I paid good money to posses, and pay even better to continue to use, what to do rather than my device tell me what I can and can’t do with it. So f@990t I might be, ignorant redneck inbred hick you are kind sir. Oh and I just love your cheese!

    • Dwl0917

      Homo’s??? Just because you use an iPhone you are a homosexual??? I think not my friend. I got rid of my HTC Zero, er Hero a week ago and got the iPhone, never looked back!!! While I was there 20 others came in trading Androids for iPhones. Anyway, I heard a report that guys with iPhones have 90% more sex than men with other phones.

      • Guest111

        Um, i dont have sex with phones.

      • optimas droid

        they say guys with i phones have more sex so that ignorant ppl such as yourself will buy it… and its good to know that sluts like i phones

        • guest

          you are right – guyswithiphones.com – note there is not a guyswithandroids.com – for good reason. We can do more with our phones than take pictures of your junk and post them to an HTML site……. enjoy

    • Akboonie

      excuse me, (dickhead) i am an iPhone owner, this does not necessarily mean i dont use or have a brain. i’ll have you know that i am a senior at my school, an have been dux of my grade 6 years straight. so think about that?!! and second of all seriously, all of you are kind of messed up, they are just phones. try and get a life?? does it really matter? they both make calls and text and take photos, and after all isnt that what a phone is for???

    • Calm Down Dear

      Phones are phones. calm down. this is a page which is just trying to sell a book explaining to someone out there how to use the iPhone they just purchased; not a forum on which to call people idiots for preferring a different mobile telephonic device to you. That is just insanity.

  • Onkar_gill_99

    still tthe iphone is the best

  • Kangaroo kick

    My friend is constantly coming to me at work to look something up on the web because his android crap has crashed or is so slow it isn’t worth it. It is his biggest regret, and he now has an iPhone 4s like any sensible person.

    • Andrewperdock

      fuck u android all the way

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1416638763 Christopher Ross Hind

      You get what you pay for, what do you think you would get out of a £120 Android phone?

  • http://www.facebook.com/peanutpride Kyle Epic-Fail Pwny Mannell

    I love the ignorance that some people have and they go around saying “I have the best phone cos its an IPhone” infact it is not the best phone out and it is well behind technoloically i bought a $99 cheap phone and it could do more things than the iphone sure the camera wasnt great but i already have a 16mp camera so why would i pay more to get something i already have…. sucks to be you if you read this and research just to find out you have an IBrick

    • Your fucking FACE

      Really? Your $99 phone could do more than this expensive mobile computing platform I am currently typing on? The one with over 200000 apps available to utilise every single feature available? So what, prey tell, exactly is this miracle phone you speak of?

      • iWin

        HA! Win^^

  • Dlappert45

    Everyone has their opinion. I like my iPhone cause I’m not real good with electronics. So it makes it easier. But for the people that are really good with all the high tech stuff then get an android. As long as it makes a damn phone call I don’t care.

  • Xtream252

    the only people who trash talk iphones are the ones who wish they could afford one but had to settle with a cheap android phone

    • Vexed

      Actually, I ditched my iphone because of software issues and constant freezing. I got myself an android and haven’t had any issues over the past 2 years.

  • Whowants2know

    i have an android galaxy s2 and really…its not as great as i thought it might be i would choose apple ANYDAY over android im not taking sides but apple suits my needs better

  • Nick Vaughan97

    “Its’ quite humorous that the iPhone lovers (homo’s)”
    ^^^^^ HA!

  • form android user.

    I had an android and it was a piece of shit! It turned its self off and on while i was in class, it froze, every time i got an app it never let me use them. It even erased all my contacts once. personally in happier with my iphone then i ever was with my android but that’s just my opinion

    • Coloursplashdan

      I had an iphone but i broke it sp i got an android a SEX Play and it always freezes crashes etc and has deleted all my contacts more than once and now it cant recieve push notifications for my facebook or emails etc.

  • M.

    Ever compared android market to the app store?
    Maybe compared the touch screen?
    Speaking of screens, how’s the resolution going?
    Oh and also, can your three year old phone run the latest android version?

    And last…
    You don’t have Instagram.
    ‘Nuff said.

  • umad?

    Heres a freaking clever thing to do…. Get a android mobile AND get a ipod touch then u dont have anything to get angry over because u have BOTH of the AWESOME features :3

  • Ericshaunhunt

    if I had an andriod I would sell it and buy an iphone.

  • Ericshaunhunt

    oh but wait an andriod is not worth as much so I would also have to shell out another couple hundred, to buy the better phone. and did you know that andriod has been ripping apple off? the just won a law suit over international copyright infringment against HTC. and they are going after your maker next.
    you forget who came up with the full touch screen smart phone in the first place and dont give me that palm crap because if they did it succesfully then we would all be arguing over palm OS but we are not because it sucked and was a fail unless you were a japanese business man.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000548425711 Michael Samaras

    Oh yeah I have a Nokia C3 so you can all go fuck yourselves.

    • Jcttworks

      a Nokia C3, Now that is real CRAP
      }HAHAHA what a DUMASS{

  • stephen

    everyone here are acting childish and trolling on each other i have an i phone for personal use and an android for work they’re just phones people not religions.
    if you all have the time to sit here and troll on each other it just shows you have no life and if your gonna troll on this comment your confirming what i have to say.

    • Jiminy

      I like androids, I own one, but I have used the iPhone also and they are easy to use, they are both great phones with similair capabilities and different capabilities, it just depends on the user’s needs and wants

    • Ojblanco1987

      You must not have a life if you your self are one of the persons on this blog…

      • mallicio

        dosnt that aply to u as well….u must not have a life for being on this blog Dumb person

    • Keithbyrne

      2 fone waaaanker

    • Space Exposed

      Then what are you doing here LOL!!! The fact is that people are worried and they have the right to be, you will soon find out…

  • god was here

    iPhone ftw. enough said.

    • Mrtinytdd

      agreed. iphone ftw . android is a shot copy

      • Im Dyl Mate

        Too right mate

        • iPhone lover

          Yeah! Android is a copy! That’s why it can do so many things iPhone can’t!

  • htc owner:)

    I love how everyone’s saying Android phones are “cheap and plastic”. Most carriers for Android (eg: HTC) Their phones are made out of metal/metal like substances and some are far from cheap, plus my friend has a Samsung Galaxy (and they’re about as plastic as you can get) And they’re much more resistant than iPhones, I mean iPhones are made out of glass pretty much.. Plus, Android has much better customisation capabilities, and you can literally make it what you want, where as with Apple, you have iOS standard layout weather you like it or not. Not to mention Apple tracks everything you’re doing constantly, you get anything Apple-ish and they will literally have mounds of data about you. I’d much rather stick to my HTC Desire HD thanks.

    • iOS user

      ever heard of jailbreaking? and dont give me that illegal and bricking or virus shit.

      • Princessa84

        The idiot above you probably doesnt even know jailbreaking is actually legal, chances of bricking are very small and Apple products dont get viruses so dont waste ur breath :P lol

        • Jeff S1982

          apple products dont get viruses because no one develops for them.. hence why they had to break up microsoft because someone bitched and moaned over all the microsoft programs only working for windows.. also, i have a droid 3.. ive used my friend’s iphone4.. personally i like being able to do whatever the hardware can handle and the software devs can come up with.. im not a fan of limitations like the iphone has.. *most* of the apps ive tried on the iphone are very limited compared to the ones for an android.. plain and simple i get to do more with an android for the same price.. i dont NEED to jailbreak (or root, as its known on android) my phone for it to be a powerful piece of equipment..

          • iphonevsandroidequalssameshit

            There are more active developers on iOS and Mac OS X now thanks to the iPhone. Adding the jailbreaking community there are people capable of trying to write a virus and there are viruses but the os is so superior with UNIX underneath that is almost impossible.

            And to people that argue about ios and android. it comes to preference get over it. I tried hard very hard to use an Android phone. I went through HTC Evo, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Nexus One. Going from iOS to Android is like going from Windows XP to Windows Vista. 5 extra clicks for everything.

            If it is dumb or gay to want a phone that can do all the tasks necessary for business with reliability (this application was force to close is the one thing you see all the time on android), ease of use then I am proud to be dumb and gay.

            I don’t watch videos or listen to music on my iPhone because it is not what i bought it for.

            If you think thats fucked up then first you need to get a life and second it is just your opinion and it doesn’t count for anyone but yourself.

            Android users get sucky Exchange support, we tested it multiple times and Exchange e-mails come faster to iOS, then Blackberry and last is the Android. Not to mention that seeing the extra folders on your mailbox works only half the time.

            In life it is very easy to create something complicated. Complicated does not mean better or smarter. It is extremely hard though to create something functional and easy to use.

            In regards to customization and flash, I have to need for either. To the guy that laid all the phones on a table and asked the iphone guys to pick theirs I have to say one thing. This will never happen to most people for two reasons. First my phone never leaves my pocket and second i will most likely distinguish mine from my case or the incorrect pin number.

            Websites that use Flash i don’t visit, even on my computer. It crashes, it is slow and i don’t care for fancy, flashy ads, stupid games or highlt interactive, slow and unusable websites. I want to be able to navigate a site as quickly as I can to obtain the information i need and get out. I don’t live on the internet. Internet is part of what i do for a living, but after 5 I am done.

            Everyone go on using what you like best and stop the arguments.

            One last thing tosay because i keep hearing it. Android users think they are all hackers or super users because they use a phone that is customizable, faster ram processor or what not. It is good you have that opinion for yourself. But please allow the rest of us that just want a functional simple phone alone since we are bragging about ours. There are some will do that, but most of the trolling i have seen comes from Android fanbase.


      • Princessa84

        also just thought id add that although my personal phone is a 4S i do have to use an android for work so i am able to compare and I completely agree that Android (the galaxy nexus is the one i have) is nothing to an iphone. Even stock (unjailbroken) ones.

      • Princessa84

        also just thought id add that although my personal phone is a 4S i do have to use an android for work so i am able to compare and I completely agree that Android (the galaxy nexus is the one i have) is nothing to an iphone. Even stock (unjailbroken) ones.

    • Kellymendez1

      i like windows phone 7 from htc its the best better then an i phone in my book

  • Ccapolupo

    Actually you can get skins for your iPhone.

  • Enjoy123450

    I just want to begin by saying you guys need to understand how the phones work and what there basic programing and software works before you can even say witch one is better than the other. They both have their pros and cons but ill tell you this android has an open based operation system kind of like you basic pc that allows anybody shitty app to come on there and mess with your device, but it does have the features to customize your phone but think about it, customizing your phone actually takes down you battery and could mess with your phone because of viruses you can get of basic applications. (If you did not know that) when the iphone runs of a unix based programming and if you dont know what this is read about it, and maybe you would be like oh that makes sense why the iphone is a power full device and so secure and I dont have to worry about viruses and Its so fucking simple. Its funny that allot of you guys that have android devices think that the iphone is so expensive when its 200 dollars some of the android devices are so much more HAHAHA. ALLOT OF YOU GUYS NEED TO GET YOUR FAQ’S RIGHT BEFORE TAlKING SHIT. Read once in a little while and why the iphone actually has done for the technology world. you wouldn’t have an android with out an iphone. and for everybody information I’ve had few androids in my life, like the samsung galaxy and the phone is the biggest plastic shit I have ever owned.

    • penny

      Are you sheldon??

    • treky

      nuff said penny

    • treky

      nuff said penny

      • Coloursplashdan


    • Jeff S1982

      without the blackberry you wouldnt have the iphone.. without microsoft you wouldnt even have apple.. so if you want to play that game we can :)
      iphones are limited..
      androids are open source..

      yes open source means it can get viruses or hacked or whatever.. but it also allows devs to make a much more powerful app.. just like on a pc you wouldnt go to any warez site and download a random program.. i wouldnt go to a random site and just download a random app for my phone.. its all about knowing what you are doing with it..

      you dont have to worry about viruses on your iphone because its on such lockdown that your apps cant do half the things they can on android..

      also, if iphone was a better phone.. based off of price.. why isnt it selling better than android phones? if androids are soooo much more expensive then why isnt the iphone having better sales?

      its to the point that apple had to sue HTC for copy write crap.. over clickable text? seriously? the sad thing is they actually won.. over a hyperlink.. lol.. anyhow.. apple is getting petty because side by side.. android>iphones

      • Dwait123

        U do realize that bbs come from iphone tech and that microsoft was a stolen idea u thicko read up propperly before u chat shit

        • guest

          Microsoft stole the technology from Apple, who stole it from Xerox, who stole it from some lowly guy in the basement. It’s called business. And yes MS fronted the $250M to bring Apple back in the game. Which was why MS Office, Apples best selling software, was available for them – Gates was going to make his money back ten-fold. People amaze me. And you should learn to spell properly before you attack people.

      • Evilkilladukkey

        From what I have read, and android is not able to be jail broken. When you jailbreak an iPhone or iPod, it (pretty much) becomes an open source. You can do all sorts of things for school, work, or fun when you have it original or jail broken.But the reason I prefer iPhone is that it is EXTREMELY simple, and i love that. But i can see where you’re coming from.

      • SpellingNgrammarFFS

        also, if iphone was a better phone.. based off of price.. why isnt it selling better than android phones? because there are masses of android phones being manufactured trying to use android and only one iphone (3 if you count the 4 in conjunction with the 4s and 3s still coming up for sale new). But simply put, IOS = Apple products while Android = lots of competing players. Maybe instead of saying why isnt it selling as many as android phones you should just pick ONE android phone and stick with that. We all know how easy it is to make figures fit what people want, after all, Iceland has more Nobel peace prize winners per capita than any other country. One Nobel peace prize winner to be exact, so lets not go down that route eh? (QI has a lot to answer for)

    • guest

      darling, they’re all based on ARM technology using a Unix/Linux back end – the frame work is the same. And if you want to school on OSes you need to go back. Anyone who says, ” I buy Apple because it doesn’t get viruses” is going to get a virus. People, wise up. Why would someone make a virus? Do they care what device you have? No. Do you have an iMac, and an iPad, with mobileMe and iCloud? now everything you do with every aspect of your life is now open to said hackers. Just saying, if you truly want mobile security, get a BlackBerry. Not the best device, but still the most secure. Oh and FAQ’s, means Frequently Asked Questions. Enjoy dealing with your banks and social security when another version of you applies for $500,000 in loans and credit cards. Good luck!

  • Ellaie

    is there only one page?

  • guest01

    Hi Enjoy123450
    the way apple does will be another microsoft or even worst but absolutely, without iphone then there is no android. Different products have their benefit and features which suit for somebody, and iphone does suit most of the people as it is very simple and for me, i found android has benefit and features that suit me. Since you are contradicting yourself based on “..you guys need to understand how the phones work and what there basic programing and software works before you can even say witch one is better than the other.” vs “Its funny that allot of you guys that have android devices think that the iphone is so expensive when its 200 dollars some of the android devices are so much more HAHAHA. ALLOT OF YOU GUYS NEED TO GET YOUR FAQ’S RIGHT BEFORE TAlKING SHIT.” and “samsung galaxy and the phone is the biggest plastic shit I have ever owned. ” well..anyway, android’s benefit and features does not suit you, and you havnt get yourself FAQs then you said it is not good. Anyway no worry, just i feel that iphone keep releasing new firmware due to the IOS being jailbreaked all the time, they need to cover with new patches. While with android, different AOS, have different new features everytime when there is new IOS version come out. Apple always said there is over 100+ new features, well i checked and think it was just bull shit..but still apple is good product but just the company abit money hungry and with all shitty.

  • guest01

    seems like my post has been removed.

  • can’t we all just get along

    Good gosh people there is room in the world for both. cursing and calling people names is childish to say the least. I have an iPhone, my son an Android- we are both happy in our own ways. Except upgrading his OS was a major drag that couldn’t even be done till we bought this new laptop I’m typing on now. Took 2 hrs to figure it out and the instructions were crappy to say the least and the whole thing took way to long to figure out! iPhone… I plugged in and hit synch and iOS 5.0.1 was installed by iTunes in an hour no instructions, no battery removal no plug in and unplug and plug in and unplug. Just done, no sweat.
    So have an intelligent discussion people and Don’t just slam someone because they like tighty whities and you like… whatever it is you like.

    • Miserycompany13

      I enjoy android because of the complexity, but if you want simple and easy Iphone is for you. Your all looking negatively at the chances to LEARN SOMETHING. The best app’s came from people who wanted to learn how something works and how to improve on it in their own personal way, instead of just letting someone else develop something YOU want. To get better at anything what must we do? Learn about it and experience it. We would be nowhere if everyone just sat back while everything is done for us. The only reason we have this technology is because someone stepped up to learn how things work, and how to improve upon them. It was the passion and hard work put behind effort that allowed someone to improve on these things that make our life easier or, more enjoyable. This inspires creativity. Androids open source allows people to be creative. Iphone in my opinion limits that, and makes us sit back and watch while everything is done for us. To me, that is a form of manipulation. Both on our part and theirs. Many people enjoy sitting back while others do the things they need, I would rather take action and be creative. Because you learn more from experience, determination, and open-mindedness.

      My name’s Ian. Im 23, a high school dropout with a GED.

  • trollintrollintrollin

    @Enjoy123450 before you troll, learn to spell :)

    Just sayin’ . . . . ;)

  • http://shooteventsandleaves.com Jonathan Kilpatrick

    I have had a number of iPhones. I have a range of macs. I prefer my android phone.

    • Potato Farmer

      You sir are a very wise man!

    • unkibill

      Same here and I’ve come to the same conclusion…

    • giggity

      hp have done a incredible job dismantling all the good work Palm took so many years to create the incredible webOS. Half of it’s portfolio was sold to aple. And aple ruined it all. webOS is the best operating system (open source) up to today.
      but is now dead thanks to hp and they selfish agenda.
      webOS might not have many apps since is dead.
      but I will be using my palm pre until the day it dies.
      Is the best phone and operating system I ever known

    • me

      dildo urself

    • AndroidSucksss

      yes that makes you an idiot…

      • David Harrison

        No, your single-mindedness & belief that your *opinion* can be right, while someone else’s could be wrong makes *you* an idiot…

        • Urafaggotharry

          Shame on android haters ( if there is such a thing). And everyone should seriously calm down in this fake thread. Fail forum… Fail…

      • Garten876

        are you really that narrow minded? What are you the leader of an Iphone worshiping cult?

      • Nekojag androidluver

        androidsucks…. you are an idiot HTC are androids…. they have phones better than Apple products…. also they dont break when u drop them from 4 feet high -.-

        • TSmith

          why is there a fight over what phone is better really are all adults this immature does it really matter the phone that someone else has it is all a matter of preference you did not have to pay for it so why be this way ?

          • Gene

            Guys, for starters yes you can break an HTC from 4 feet. Ive done it, wasn’t my finest drunken moment. Ok yes the iPhone is a fantastic phone, but no it isn’t better. The S3 has a much nicer screen, faster processor, and much more RAM, also had LTE long before the iPhone introduced it. I have an iPhone kicking around somewhere, and I like my Androids better. And to finish this off, who cares what phone is better and who cares what other opinions people have, let them think what they want. It’s a free world after all (for the most part anyways).

          • armydicked

            Who’s the better lay? Ginger or Maryanne? Wilhma or Betty? Does Kim Kardashian really have that big of a butt? PEOPLE, WHO CARES WHICH SMART PHONE IS BETTER? As long as they put SONY out of business, its all good!!! Besides which, its the APP, STUPID!!! No one case about the smart phone its attached to!!!

          • Michael Fournier

            Why do people fight over ford or chevy or mopar or Merc vs BMW

            People just love to fight over loyalties and justify their own elegance to a brand or a team. It is really stupid but the battles make the companies a lot of money. So they perpetuate it with their marketing.
            Just think Ford makes a Mustang that is faster this year then the Camero of last year then Chevy makes a new model that is faster now the Mustang owner can’t keep his old car if the Chevy is faster so he has to go out and buy Ford’s new model. same for Phones each leap frogging each other on features and marketing it is all just mindless consumerism. It all comes back to the fact that all our money is based on Debt created buy the worlds reserve banks but there is never enough currency in circulation to cover the interest on the debt. If we all stop being mindless consumers the house of cards known as the economy will all come falling down. Apple needs competition to sell the next iPhone to users that already have a perfectly good iPhone already and HTC needs Apple to come out with the next iPhone so their customers will buy their next phone as well when the phone they just bought is working just fine. It is all a Stupid waste of resources and energy to manufacture more and more to sell to consumers what they already have and to build designs with planed Obsolescence built in instead of using the worlds resources conservatively for the benefit or all we squander them for the profit of a few. So go ahead argue about who’s phone is better while millions of people world wide do not even have clean drinking water.

      • AFTW

        android is much better operating system

    • Anonymous

      then ur gay(no offence to homosexuals)

      • youareignorant

        Just because you say no offence, doesn’t mean it isn’t offensive.

        • crimsonflamingo

          technically it does because i was using it as a phrase, not as a slur.

          • Velntricdragon

            actually thats where your wrong. As a homosexual it is offensive. Saying “No Offense” actually makes it even more offensive.

          • Byzies

            How would you know?
            Fag alert! Fag alert! Fag alert!

          • IPnones are Un-straight

            Shhesh! homosexuals are pathetically hypersensitive..take some Prozac,
            nobody can say anything without you running for an attorney..You all need to get help for that hurt inner child!! Totally off topic, anyway I hate my I phone.

      • Gsdidj

        im sorry were u talking about yourself?

    • T G 9910

      Really? I would love Apple software! I know Android is great but Apple is… Better!

      • dandan

        you and apple sucks!

  • Knux4k

    Honestly, I have to say, I dislike iOS compared to Android. Android may have viruses, but that’s why it has antivirus as well. You can completely personalize it without having to do a procedure(for iOS, jailbreaking, for Android, rooting). Plus we don’t have to jailbreak it to play gameboy/nes/snes etc. games :P and we can multitask more than three things…

  • Knux4k

    But I have to say, people, you are all just being stupid about this. There’s no point in being rude over a phone. They are both good, well most Android phones are, and everyone has their own opinions. Android has the added bonuses of customization, while iOS has simplicity. To each their own.

  • Vousie

    Did anyone notice that the people who support iPhones/Apple are most often the ones who swear a lot and call others names, as well as just saying something like “iPhone ftw. enough said.” without providing reasoning behind it?
    Just a comment…

    • Ojblanco1987

      Not really true, I myself own a iPhone and I don’t swear so it really depends on the persons upbringing.

    • TC.

      How is this relevant exactly? …

    • Problem?

      Hahah, for your information ‘ftw’ = for the win. Fix your twisted mind (or google what it means instead). but i must agree with ya thar, iPhone warshipers are indeed faggots half the time eg. ‘text text text’. Cellphone users in general are bad and they should feel bad for being so bad… Very very bad…

      Where are all the trolls?

  • go screw yourslef apple

    i have and android superphone and it works alot better than the crappy iphone pluse my phone is 3d

  • Zombiemolly

    I own an iPhone 4S. It does freeze from time to time but it’s still nothing like I have ever owned. It is a little more complex than say…a razor. I’m still learning all of the tricks of the phone but by all means I agree with stephen when he says……it’s not a religion.

    Everyone, either get it or get over it.

  • Fulija

    sound like nikon and canon

    • FTard

      Nikon is so way better than canon and shit, its like you know, people that really want a Nikon but cant afford it are like really scrwd and have to buy like the cheaper option of a canon and the like. Nikon so rules and is brilliant in every way and can , if you got this far I cant keep going, whatever people buy they buy for a reason, there will always be those who say theirs is better whether its a car, a phone, a camera, a job, a Zit cream, when all is said and done, if what you have works for you then enjoy it and don’t get all tied up in knots Trolling for no reason.

  • Fukaka

    yes..we must have a balance…no balance…one will dominate everything…

  • DerpingtonandDerp

    i have an iphone and im 12…even i can figure out how to do ANYTHING on it.i dont need this book.

    • Zainatamam

      really ur so lucky im not getting one till in 13 cuz my moms getting the 4S whick meens im taking her 4. what type do u have

      • working for my stuff

        r U kidding ME? I don’t get one till i get a job. And treat my family to dinner.

    • Guest

      You kids with iPhones are spoiled. Really, your generation is really messed up in all honesty.

      • guest

        your a dumb ass iphone/ipods are pretty much the norm now. sorry its not a gameboy grandpa but thats what people know thats the future so get use to it just cuz a kid can use his phone better than ur stupid ass doesnt make him spoiled there not that expensive u cheap ass.

        • KidsTheseDays

          For one; You’re supposed to respect your elders. Not insult them. Two; You, are a prime example of why kids don’t deserve to have internet privileges, and the way you’re acting DOES prove in a sense that you’re spoiled. The previous person who commented before you is wrong; We are not ” really messed up ” and they had no right saying that we are. His generation raised us. On the same note, you have no grounds to insult him.

          • Bin4ry

            Amen to that.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000966309890 Jordan Broughton

            FUCK you your the one who said we are spoiled alot of us fucking pay for it by our selves maybe were good teens and kids and your just jealous because you got a shitty ass wired phone this is our generation that does not make us spoiled grow up. Like comon man oyur a man now you dont have to g around saying that. I admit some kids and teens get stuff they dont deserve but if they treat people with respect and listen to their parents then they do derserve it an Ipod is designed for kids and teens look at the apps on it. then come back here im sorry for being so rude but that comment offended me being a teen and all I treat people with respect and I either buy my own stuff or earn it.

            Good day Sir.

          • Daethhead

            You guy are nothing but spoilt KIDS.wait till you have to make a living for your selfs.then maybe your balls will drop and you will be a big man and admit that you were a spoilt little KID.I love it when gen y gets a job they act all knowing and so superior.Then you give them a simple job to do and watch them fail.Just remember the bigger the ego the bigger the fall.Must be grate being young an dumb and full of come.

          • Respect Swing Both Ways

            i am a kid and i live by myself, i work and pay my bills and pay my way in this world, i bought my bed! i bought my kitchen items! you can’t generalise saying that all kids are spoilt, i make my own way in this world and i am sick of “adults” acting like 4 year olds just because we know and own new technology doesn’t mean anything! i have an iPhone 4s and i have a macbook pro i build computers for fun! does that mean i’m spoilt even though I PAY FOR THEM! you talk all big about showing respect so why don’t you show some respect!

          • lady el

            i agree with you all the way man. respect goes both ways

          • guest

            He clearly isn’t talking about you then. You need to read carefully and understand his meaning. i.e. when he says ‘kids’ he doesn’t mean everyone under 20, he means young people dependant on their parents. I’m 18, but i am not dependant on my parents any more. When someone who is (obviously not you, for instance) has all this wonderful technology that they don’t appreciate the value and don’t show respect to anyone and post on things like this like they know the world better than everyone else it is annoying. I don’t know the world that well, and very few people do. Only dependant people with a very blinkered view of the world believe it. I’m sorry if I seem rude, but when someone is trying to point out the hypocracy of someone elses respect or lack of i feel they should have the respect to fully understand everything. If someone isn’t being respectful to you, still show it to them, that’s what real respect is.

          • bluntashell

            you know im only 19 i admit i have alot of growing up to do but as for spoiled, please i have 6 brothers raised only by my mom so as for having the latest greatest stuff, nope dident happen i work night shift full time in a car parts factory so don’t just pin up everything on gen y when the reality is gen y was made by your gen our flaws are your fault. think about it. oh and before you start acting like a 6 year old and going on about how im gonna lose my job ive been their the last 2 years and lived on my own since i was 16 ive been on both sides of the fence, honestly theirs more of your gen homeless and all drugged up then their is mine.

            anyway id love to keep Bitching/whineing (cus that’s all my gen dose right?) but i got to go to work

            Have a “NICE” day :)

          • Daza17

            You my friend have clearly explained to this hypocritical one sided man that there is another side to our ‘lifestyle’ and that there are people like us, many more than most think, that have been raised by single parents for example (I have also been raised by a single mother most of my life), we did not get the latest tech but our parents got us what they could afford at the time.

          • guest

            you shouldn’t be saying anything about us being dumb… you can’t even spell the words “spoiled” or “great”.

          • Kulganis

             Spoilt means the same as spoiled, just a difference of nationality. have to agree with great.

          • Mary27

            Being kids make us not being able to express our opinions? Sorry but I am so sure that most of the kids that wrote in this blog have a way better educational level than you do.
            You are nothing but a man with a low self-esteem problem!

          • Mary27

            I agree with you. I totally don’t think we should be apologizing for what we’ve got!
            ESPECIALLY in a person with no life that the only thing he does, is to blaim others for what he didn’t do or didn’t have in his miserable life!

          • Respect Goes Both Ways

            we don’t deserve to have internet privileges? You have got to be joking right, i assume you use a windows computer, bill gates made that when in college. the older generations didn’t have what we have today as the norm so what. That means nothing, this is something that will never stop, you were all born into colour tv or just a tv itself that doesn’t mean that you didn’t deserve it or that your unworthy of having it in your life. our generation has grown up with technology that doesn’t mean anything! respect your elders is a joke, respect runs in both directions you can’t just expect it to be given. we can teach you just as much as you can teach us.

          • Jordan Broughton’s a fag

            Bill gates adopted project when one of his friends had begun it (old rumor). Yu’d better damned well respect elders, you wouldn’t be here without quite a few of them. Thier opinion is built over at least 50 years and it is very true. Unless we ever run into world war three with china, our elders had to brave some devestating times, The cold war for example, for all they knew the world could have vapourized in 15 minutes flat, imagine the stress that your next 15 minutes of life could be your last. Those people are so greatful to be alive and breathing. Disrespecting elders is like spitting on a grave on rememberence day. The freakin ‘norm’ is a very bad thing to base your life on. The ‘norm’ has very much fucked up the generation of ” textme, textme.”.

            This ‘norm’ you speak of is a fucking joke and you should feel bad for taking it seriously. You create your own way of life. I didn’t expect to finish off on that note.

          • Mary27

            I’m not respecting anyone if he doesn’t respect me first! I BELIEVE THAT THE GUY WHO CALLED US SPOILED DOESN’T DESERVE MY RESPECTAND NOBODY ELSE’S, because critizing other people without even knowing them, shows a low educational level. You mister I don’t know who, you should be ashamed of yourshelf for not having any values at all :)

        • 16Year-Old

          DUDE GAMEBOYS ARE AMAZING!!! even though my grandpa found one at a pawnshop i still ask him to buy me one AND IM 16

        • Billydob1996

          oohgurl. Calm yourself. 1) You’re not making any point by spelling as incorrectly as you did, 2) It’s not the “Norm,” I’m 15, yes, I have an Android, but I bought it, and maintain the contract. I have a MacBook, I bought with money I made from work, I also have over $36,000 saved for college, however, you are probably some 11-12 year old, who just expects mommy, and daddy to pay for everything, well guess what? Mommy, and Daddy won’t be around forever, and when they’re gone, you’ll be screwed. Grow up, and don’t ever. I repeat EVER, talk to an adult the way you did. It will get you nothing but disrespect. How do you expect to get a job, if all you do when people challenge you, or say something you don’t like is scream, and cuss? Answer is: You won’t. You will never get a job with that attitude.

        • dunno

          not that expensive? they bloody are,i don’t know any one who has one.There £600 in some stores for god sake!

          • Bob

            Thats not much for many people.

          • Christian Hagen

            In some stores there are £600 lying around on the floor? Which ones?

            Or did you mean to say “They’re…”?

        • look you fucking prick, if you actually have to get some extreme ego about a fucking plastic box with a price, your the dumb ass. true, it is not right to say that its bad parenting, but to be such a douche about it and flip drives me insane. ALSO, gameboy’s, if thats old to YOU then your too fucking old to be sayin shit about anything.

        • Guest

          The cost of a gameboy at release was $189. In modern money that is approximately £329. An iPhone (contract free/unlocked) is $649. do you see the difference between getting a gameboy and getting an iPhone?

      • Rachelsammut92

        Bad parenting give lil kids iphones its disgusting

        • Connor360k

          how can u say its disgusting there nothing wrong with the parents treatin there kids to an iphone

        • Daza17

          Sorry, hold on, you think its bad parenting for a parent to gift their child with a phone, what is so wrong with that? It is the same way a parent would have gifted pokemon cards or a gameboy to their kid ten years ago, its the same difference except the advances in tech and economy. Also, I own an iPhone, I used to own an iPod which is what I started off with, I had an iPhone 4 and now the 4s which I have paid for all by myself. In your opinion that I have done the opposite, I bought my mother an iPod for her birthday? is that so disgusting? Is that bad of me to show my Mum what a useful piece of entertainment equipment is? Is is bad parenting that my Mum bought me those Pokemon cards and the Gameboy? for me to return to her and buy her something back? P.S. I’m 18, a student and I am disgusted with your lack of understanding

          • Christian Hagen

            Bad parenting because they (quite often) let their kids use it without supervision because “it’s locked down so hard, nothing bad can happen”

            For the rest of your questions, I’ll say it disgusts ME that you buy such an overpriced, non-standardized, locked-down, un-customizable, non-personal piece of hardware. I applaud you for giving back to your mother, not for foisting an ideology comparable to religion on her.

            My father convinced his employer to buy iPads for those of the workforce that had done exceptionally well. I don’t know if it was because of his suggestion or because he is a man who takes his work (almost too) serious, but he got one too. He was all up in the skies about it before he got it. Two weeks after delivery, and a month after we had a fight where I told him how stupid that was, and the limitations, he agreed with me. He even said it was one of the worst decisions of his life.

            I’ve tried several Apple-products, from the Apple II, to Macbooks, iPods and iPhone 4, so I have some experience with them. What I have found, is that Symbian S60 v3 and v5 is more userfriendly than iOS, and Windows 3.1 is far more userfriendly than OSX. Not too bad for a couple of “dead” OSes I’d say.

            And even though I dislike Microsoft almost as bad as Apple, I prefer their cell phone OS or desktop OS to anything that Apple has EVER released. Userfriendly… HAH!

            I have several friends with Apple-products. Usually, when we meet, they ask me for help. Though I’ve never owned an Apple-product in my life, I am quite intelligent, I learn fast, and usually solve their problems within a few minutes and a quick use of my Google-fu. And that says it all to me. When you can’t even manage to search for your own answers on Google, you’ve got a big empty hole between your ears. Then again, many times I find that it’s not a problem with their iPhone, Macbook, iPad or iPod, it’s a “feature designed to make your life easier, signed Apple”. Thanks, but no thanks.

            I’ll (in a worst case scenario) pop a few Tylenols and make do with Windows (I ACTUALLY get headaches from it), but I won’t EVER own an Apple-product. If I am presented with an Apple-product as a gift, I’ll go online and sell it immediately, right in front of the person giving me the gift, no matter if it is one of my (hopefully sometime in the future) kids.

          • get a life

            if you HAVE to use your so called “google-fu” then you must not be as much of a fast learner as you state yourself to be! who writes that much just to prove someone who you will probably never encounter in your life wrong just shows how UNINTELLIGENT AND ILLOGICAL YOU ARE!

          • Christian Hagen

            My google-fu is because I don’t use any Apple-products, and it is a different system from what I use every day, or have used most of the time I have been using computers. I’d say a few minutes spent searching for the answer and applying it, is quite reasonable when my friends have spent, sometimes, weeks trying to figure it out themselves.

            As for the length of my response: Your response was short, and all it contained, was an insult. Mine was longer, but actually contained some arguments.

            And what’s the difference if I never meet the person in real life? Does my arguments, or my opinion, mean less because of it?

          • Spoiled

            It is bad parenting and i only hope one day you will understand when you become a parent yourself. The problem these days is that parents think of theior kids as pets. Take this toy and leave me the fuck alone. Play with you game don’t bother me. We are not living in the wild like animals where we give birth and off you go on your own. If you don’t want the responsibility and then don’t have a kid. Now you having a phone by the age of 12, your kid will have it at the age of 8 and his kid right after being born. What does that leave you to look forward to? Think of it like this,m if you had all your ever could dream of by the age of 12 what would your life be like. Would you want to carry on? Wouldn’t you demand unreasonably for more and more stuff? That is being spoild. And dont tell me please that it is not true. i see it every day.

          • KendraRAWR

            I’m almost 14 and cannot have a phone until I’m 15-16 BECAUSE I’m getting a good one. Most kids get flip-up-phones, Not iPhones. I dont know One kid with an iPhone.

      • Pichupichu8

        Just Because we have iPhones, that makes us spoiled? some people pay for our stuff and understand the value of the dollar, but also understand something worth the money when we see it. i’m in 9th grade and have a mac, iPhone, and iPod, which i payed for myself, because i will never get any other product. the way i look at it, Android phones are just a cheep knock off of iPhones, that just want to thrive off the fact that some people don’t have the money to get the superior iPhone.

        • 18 and feeling old

          If you’ve paid for it yourself good for you, enjoy your product, what i think the above poster was getting at is when a 12 year old is given an iPhone and similar products by parents. These are the same kids who complain their parents bought them a non-3G iPad for christmas. I’m only 18 but was denied possession of any mobile until i was 12, then only under £40 (approx $60) and on Pay as you go. You see how the generations have changed in just 6 years?

          • Spoiled

            You were spoiled too then. I got my first phone when I was 18 and only after I succesfully passed my exams to go to college.

      • Hjjhdjwhdkdkq

        Who do you think you are calling us spoiled? You should first mind your own bussiness! Go get a life! You don’t even know us!If your generation wasn’t messed up, you wouldn’t here in this website trying to get some attention;)

      • Mary27

        Who do you think you are calling us spoiled? You should first mind your own bussiness! Go get a life! You don’t even know us!If your generation wasn’t messed up, you wouldn’t be here in this website trying to get some attention;)

        • hnry4

          (I hope this message is received with the respect with which it is typed, if not I sincerely apologise) I would argue that posting 2 or 3 comments in what sounds like an angry tone because 1 or 2 people called you spoiled (going against your own self-view) is similar to having a tantrum in the supermarket cos you didn’t get any chocolate. To be clear – I am not necessarily suggesting this is what you are doing, just the way it sounds to an outside observer. In order to avoid this appearance; in future, please calm down and address your point in a calmer, more controlled manner without resorting to attempting to poke fun at original posters. Aside from anything else this page is supposed to about selling a book. Not the generation gap.

      • Silkie B

        Have you ever thought for the fact that WE PAYED FOR IT OURSELVES? Man, its not like were all that spoiled girl that says “Daddy get me an iphone. Daddy get me this, get me that! Thank you daddy looooove youuuu! Uch daddy you never get me ANYTHING!”
        Some people actually see something they do really want but its not just an everyday thing for them. Sometimes, believe it or not, WE PAY FOR OUR OWN THINGS.
        Dont assume that all kids that have electronics are spoiled brats.
        Like Pichupichu8 said, we payed for it ourself. So dont say were spoiled.

    • Evilkilloadukkey

      Same here, I have a first gen ipod and it is WAY better than other spoiled kids 4g’s, JAIL BRAKING FTWWWWW!

    • Schofieldgab

      It’s really the parents choose you can’t say that jUst because you never got a phone until u were like 18 and had a giant brick as a mobile!

      • guest


        And some of us had to develop the technologies you so take for granted youngster. Those of us who started with a so called brick were still making calls through the sky while you were pissing your bed. Be careful where you tread lad.

    • Taylorbates16

      I’m 12 too and I know to hell I’m not a homo no offenice too gay ppl I have iPhone

      • guest

        Ladies and Gents, prefacing offensive statements with, “no offense”, doesn’t allow you to say anything you want to. If you don’t want to be offensive, don’t say it.

  • Dave Ross390

    i have read and noticed the comments on here everyones slagging the iphone off big time only coz they carnt afford one. just saying……..

  • Dbryantbx

    iphone amazing

  • Cvenego1

    people people! Please! Its all about the samsung intensity II ! LOL you all fight funny xD

  • Daisy Major

    okay so, I-phones are amazing, is that your point? Well, not everyone can afford an I-phone, and an android is the next best thing! Androids are not cheap, just because they don’t cost £400? It’s a bloody phone! Why does it matter what phone you have? So I-phones have good things and bad things…same with android, and tbf an android phone is a rip-off of the I-phone. But is there any need for an argument?

  • Rex Waterfield

    If you want calling a phone and don’t care about anything else, any phone will do. Nokia is for people that want a phone that’s durable, well sort of. Palm has been more or less phased out, I never see them anymore. BlackBerry is for the businessman. IPhone is for people who want a simple easy to use phone and for those who want random application of nothingness and for a sad group of people who can’t use anything else. Android is for people who want to be able to personalize their phones with live wallpapers and themes, a great all-rounder that should be all you can ever ask for, if you want a game console, either stay at home with your Wii, Xbox or PlayStation, bring a Nintendo DS, a PSP or get yourself a Sony Xperia Play, if you want music, almost any phone has that covered, or get an iPod. I use a HTC and have an iPod Touch, I use my phone everyday and haven’t touched my iPod in a couple months, I completely agree with the person with the screen name of Umad? There’s an answer for everybody so just get what suits you and stop acting like children, I’m 18 and seem to be more mature than most of you. I said all this without swearing or name calling

  • Mchealm

    I think its funny the amount of iphone users who MUST have the latest iphone – 4s – when you can tell its simply a trial for the A5 chip which will be used in the iphone 5. i’ve owned both, iphone and android. When it comes to the best phone i can simply say that straight out of the box it would be the android, because you can USE it straight out of the box, not like the iphone where you have to have a computer with itunes – not supplied with the phone, so you have to download it – to activate it.

    Then there are the users that say iphone can do ANYTHING…. when you jailbreak them…. using things like redsnow, limera1n, blackra1n… yay now i can finally customise my iphone… but wait… now the iphone battery only lasts a day cause the jailbreak has screwed with power management.

    so if you don’t mind charging your phone EVERY night, or even during the day, then go out and buy an iphone, thats what i did….

    I owned a HTC HD2 and honestly, i loved it. lots of power easy to customise or “root” with costom roms…. with the help from xda developers… also video calling over 3g where as facetime on iphone needs a wifi connection. if you have wifi jump on the computer and skype!!!

    Personal choice, really, is it worth saying shit like “you’re a HOMO for having an android” or “fags only buy iphones” ?

  • FGMoTiioNz

    I jail broke my iPod touch 4G beat that bro I bets that not in the book.

  • Keel183


  • Bob

    I was on a completely different site doing some research for a school paper due in an hour and i keep getting redirected to this page… NEWS FLASH: NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR SITE! DONT FORCE PEOPLE TO COME TO IT!

  • LMS

    One of the greatest creation, very smart phone, had the first iPhone ever since then I have had all the iPhones up to the iPhone 4s, yes other phones like android and blackberrys are very popular but don’t think they can beat this phone, nothing ever goes wrong

  • http://www.addvalue.com.au/ Branded Items

    I have something for those who buys 1phone every year. my friend told me that He bought an iphone1 , iphone 3 and now He is waiting for the iphone 5 because He is ODD. Others who bought iphone 2 should buy iphone 4 because they are EVEN. I hope this helps so that you won’t buy a new iphone every year.

  • Jonh

    Hey ‘giggity’ shut up you’re a faggot.

  • Adamclick

    HAHA this discussion is hilarious, it’s like kids bickering!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1485761680 Dan J Wagner

    Don’t have anything from apple in my house, never want to. With apple you pay loads of money just to have the apple logo like with Disney or something like that. I can get a decent MP3 player for 30 quid, i don’t have to pay 100 quid for one. Also i have a computer way more capable than a mac for less than one. For me it’s android all the way, not the HTC android, the Sony Ericsson one, that’s the best one.

  • Firefoxjtc

    I like how this post went from a simple discussion of what was better, to being about how are kids are screwed up, and a certain generation is spoiled. its a bit ridiculous. i think that instead of ridiculing people for giving there opinions, people should just peacefully post what you believe. i mean honestly what is the point of getting mad at some troll over the internet that your never gonna come into contact with.
    i came up here just to read a discussion about i phones, not mindless squabble over who’s generation is better and what ever else.
    anyways thats where ima leave this at.

  • simon_mcsweyn

    I have read through this blog, and I am like WTF! Its nice to see people passionate, but be respectful. Both phones have there pros and cons. I personally prefer apple, though would choose android over the other… ‘competition.’ Enjoy your phones, discuss there pros and cons, but don’t insult each other by which phone you like better. Its like saying to someone who likes oranges that they are a F$%@ WIT because bananas are superior. However, we all know that apples are superior.

  • michael mitchell

    i have a nokia n8 and i prefer it to the iphone

  • http://www.dckap.com/joomla-development.htm Joomla developers

    I myself prefer android than iphone. I am very much comfortable in using android than iphone.


    You all are dumb apple SUCKS

  • GoodDayToYouSir

    Come one guys, it’s bloody phones we’re talking about here! Seriously calm down, people may say that one is superior to the other but they each have their pros and cons, it all comes down to people taste! Plus I don’t know why android supporters are going on an iPhone thread just to troll? That’s pathetic!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Williams/100001655745470 Michael Williams

      It is all about mine is bigger and better then yours. Forget savviness and humility, its all about I spent the most money and its the best for today, surely outdated by tomorrow. It’s a Juvenile society we Americans live in and it’s not going to change. I use a Motorola Atrix 2, the wife has a iPhone 4 and my 2 yo daughter has an iPad. Apples iPhone like most their products promotes simplicity and user error restriction. Most Android phones require a manual and a how to video, but offers almost an infinite environment of customizations and above all, user freedom. Its like computers, when I want to get it done, I use my Macs, when I want to hone my hacking skills, I use my Windows based PC. As you said it is a matter of taste…

  • Jose Chavarria

    this is about the time that I would say, do you all remember the old cellular phones that came in the carrying cases and you would have to carry on your shoulder and the buttons were on the phone handle itself?! You had to plug it into your cigarette lighter for power? No apps,no weather,no Facebook, just a telephone a la Barnaby Jones!! Oh wait to some of you, you might be too young to even remember that! Those were the pimping days and believe it or not it wasnt that long ago as you might think! Lmao

  • Kk

    Android is fucking mess of shits ..

  • Julie Collinge

    Got an android for Xmas, has a 2gig memory chip in it and loads of memory on the phone it’s self. BUT when I tried to go onto android market to download music it said I didn’t have enough memory! All that was on the phone at that point was 1 photo. Have now got an iPhone would not recommend android to anyone, am really disappointed in them.

  • Xtremeswordsman

    Really!? Really!? How about we stop bitching about “my phone is bigger than yours” and take a look at the world around you with your eyes and see that there is much more important things going on than “oh my phone does more”. One of the biggest is our next presidential election, which is being flooded with people who are unconcerned greedy idiots that only want to fatten their pockets at the tax payers expense. We need to wise up! Technology is great, makes life a little better, but we don’t really need anymore phones. What we need to worry about is our country and our rights. All of those claiming to be smart cause you have a droid, your not too smart if your worried more about iPhone owners than our country and rights that could easily be stripped away. Use your brains people. Common sense seems to be at an all time low these days. Common Sense a great tool to have in your mental arsenal.

    • Bernard Joseph74

      I couldn’t agree with you more but these people still fail to realize that iphone are better than droid phone when they’re jail broken!

    • omennoir

      I Super Agree,I thought it was just me but I have notice that our use to be ideals,common sense thinking and just plain thought in general has just gone to crap,all these people concern and buried in texting and Emails and phones that they dont see what’s really there in front of them.Our government is going to hell and threatening our way of life in which it could actually affect those same idiots that hold those stupid phones so dearly their right and way of life.Just short example look at the way they write,the first comment is ridiculous I had to really use grammar checks like a school teacher to understand the poor writing,What the hell are they saying??!! READ A BOOK!! DROP THE PHONE!! LISTEN TO OUR PROBLEMS!!! OUR COUNTRY IS DYING!!! VOTE SO MAY CONTINUE TO SPEAK,TEXT,AND ALL THE IGNORANT OTHER STUFF YOU DO WITHOUT THOUGHT!!!!….
      Thank You Good Bye. 

  • bbgun

    a h8 apple and macs are gayer than any homo

    • Jamie8669

      ur just mad becuase you dont have one!!!

      • jksd

        No apple and macs do suck, I have an iPhone and yet I don’t use it and use one of the nokia ‘blocks’. Mac computers are alright IF you install windows… 

        • Wasp

           I just Love People who only advere to their way of thinking, and life should revolve around their opinions. Eventually the grow up. Usually after going to a bar and forcing their ideas onto someone Bigger or stronger to them. Works every time :)

    • Jlynee2u

      Hey bbgun…You need to check your derogatory choice of pronouns…Why so angry? I’m sure that you have something way better in life than to be so negative and and careless with your words… ” Follow a piece of motherly advice: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it.” Or at least choose your words carefully, and hope that life treats ‘you’ kind… “Pass it on.”

      • Jarodfeilen97

        go suck a dick ya little perfectionist

    • Guest

      Technically, you’re also a homo. As in homosapien not just the homosexual side of things…

  • It’sJustAPhone

    Woah, ladies ladies lets not get our panties in a fucking twist. When YOU buy an i-Phone or Android it’s because it suits YOUR needs and your getting what you want out of a phone. Both phones have good points and bad points so don’t go giving this shit that one is superior to the other. And just because you use Apple products does NOT mean your gay or anything, it just means you like that product. So stop acting like children and get over it!

  • Goingtohellfast2025

    your all twits!  just load ubuntu on your phone and computer and end all the headaches.

    linux is the only way to go.

  • Karmen

    I’m 11 and seein yas all arguin over somfin so stupid makes me laugh cuz ppl pik wot they wanna do wiv ther kids if they wanna give them an iPod iPhone etc it’s none of ur buisness u shud just wise up !!! It’s actually sad that use are all arguin over this ppl wanna lyk apple or android there choice so either u can deal wiv it or argue lyk freaking 5 year olds

    • Karmen sucks

      LOLOL, i think you need to go back to school, your english sucks balls.

      • generations change

        the fuck i dont know how u rite in 500 b.c but this is how we rite now so instead of teling us to go get a bk and lern how 2 spel u guys should get a book on the NEW generation not tht hard times change get it through ur thinnnnnn sculps k? k . bye 
        p.s. u might want to lern the difference between our generation nd ur’s 

        • Colin MacKenzie


        • Gabby G

          I’m pretty much in your generation. Ok, I was born 1999. I write with correct grammar and so should you. I don’t care when you were born. You should learn this in school. You can’t pass a test writing like that. Generations do change, but that doesn’t mean you write like that EVERYWHERE. I text like you write. I say “rite” “bcause” and all those little texting things, but ONLY when I text.
          *I, *don’t, *you, *write, *B.C., *write, *telling, *book. *learn, *to, *spell, *you, *that, *your, *thin, *skulls, *P.S., *you, *learn, *and, *yours
          And in 500 B.C. they wrote in proper English. So did Jesus, his apostles, and anyone else you can think of. PEOPLE NEED TO WRITE IN PROPER GRAMMAR WHEN THEY AREN’T TEXTING. Bye.

          • Guest

            Look I might be wrong, truly, I might be, but I do not believe Jesus, his apostles or anyone else I can think of wrote in proper English.

            Surely, if you were such a good student in school – learning how to write with correct grammar, you would have learnt that Jesus, his apostles or anyone else I can think of may not have actually spoken English, let alone had the capacity to write it.

            If you are going to make such sanctimonious comments, please ensure that you your level of intellect is up to the task, otherwise you come across a silly little airhead.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1077917131 Gabby Bilobrk

      English please? I see your parents gave you a iPhone… Go back to school, write properly then get the phone please, your English is just terrible.

      • Princessyasmeen

        I Know yall wanna say something about there english but keep it to yourself plz because it may hurt there feelings. There a 2k generation and so am I i am an original 2k generationer cause I was born in 2000. That’s how we text. Plus that book would be for older people who do not know how to operate an Iphone. Please don’t comment on yall cause i’m a Country Bell.

        • Princessyasmeen

          I Know yall voglio dire qualcosa non inglese, ma tenerlo per te plzperché potrebbe ferire i sentimenti lì. C’è una generazione 2k e cosìio sono io sono un originale causa generationer 2k sono nato nel 2000. Questo è il modo in cui il testo. Plus che libro sarebbe per le persone anziane che non sanno come far funzionare un Iphone. Si prega di non commentare la causa yall Sono una campana Paese

        • Karmen sucks

          sorry, but I don’t care about peoples feelings especially if that person spells like that. I don’t know anyone that texts like that, if I did i would slap the living crap out of them.

          • Bokesuke

             Anyone *who texts like that

        • Raven

           that makes a difference WHY? I don’t care if you’re the Queen Of Scots. LEARN TO SPELL!

        • Gabby G

          I was born 1999, but I know how to write in proper English. I text that way. I text like “wats up” “thx” and all that, but you should only use that for texting. That girl up there (Karmen) shouldn’t only use the texting abbreviations for texting. It is not proper grammar. Sure you’re on the internet but that’s no excuse. Sure sometimes I right thats instead of that’s but those are little and people understand it still. She should try and use proper grammar when she’s not texting. I do!

          • Guest

            I *write*

          • Gabby G

            Oh, yeah, thanks. I’m not used to writing “write” because I usually put type (computer) I wrote “right” for the first “write” but corrected it.

          • Dementia

            Wow, you two are young. Make me feel old. Haha. I was born in ’89. I don’t know the entire texting lingo, not because I can’t learn it, because i don’t want to learn it. I’m happy spelling out the entire word throughout the text. And yes, that Karmen little girl need to learn that. Someone should take her phone, computer, and gaming system away until she learns proper English etiquette. Just saying. 

          • Gabby G

            That is totally correct. Its ok to know the texting lingo and use it when texting but not everywhere you go. Her computer and phone and everything should be taken away and replaced by books.

    • Hello World!

      Trying to raed this made my eyes bleed. Please go back to school and learn how to spell, in “proper” english, you know that language that books over here tend to be written in 

    • omennoir

      You Need To Go Back To School Learn To Read And Write,Speak,Stop Being So Ghetto,Get Your Head Out Of Your Butt,Drop The Boyfriends If You Have Any,(At Eleven that’s 11 if you don’t know how to write the number out) I was In School Studying Worrying What The Hell My Future Held Because I Did Not Want To End Up Like Some Loser In The Street,Asking For Money Or Lose Change While Flashing A Nice Phone Or Equipment,Don’t Forget The New Crispy Clothes And Shoes,That You Spend A Month Worth Of Money And Stay Hungry And Begging For Someone To Help.
      This Is A God Awe-full Shame That Our Government And Parents Still Allow This,But Then Again What Parent Gives A Child That Speaks Like That Such A Reward For Nothing.
      IT MAKES ME SICK!!!!  

      • Dementia

        I’m not sure about anyone else who is on here, but I’m a 90′s kid. Grew up knowing how to spell. The thing with today’s generation is that everything is literally handed to them on a silver platter. Not all of us had phones until high school. Kids have phones at 8 or 9 nowadays. I’ve had both the iOS and the AOS. I don’t like the the iOS because you’re limited on what you’re able to do. I don’t like the AOS because it isn’t stable yet, and it keeps force closing stuff. I tolerate them though. So learn to fucking spell!

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Emma-Conroy/1414129216 Emma Conroy

          I agree with that i am 19 and i got my first phone when i reached high school. I think it is disgusting my cousin is 8 and she already has a phone. Who could she possibly be texting. Also if kids can’t tell the difference between text language and actual writing then i don’t believe they should have a phone. Period.

          • Guest

             Yes! It seems you are having your period.

    • Samantha Shelly

      Lol I can’t read this!! To many dis spelled words and I’m 12!!!!

    • Gabriella

      You’re telling us we should “wise up” but you shouldn’t be talking. You’re typing worse than a five year old, so you really shouldn’t be talking. *seeing, *you, *arguing, *something, *because, *people, *pick, *what,  *want to, *with, *their, *want to, *iPod, iPhone, etc., *your, *you, *should, *up!!!, *you, *arguing, *people, *want to, *like, *you, *with, *like
      And those are all your mistakes (that I found)

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Emma-Conroy/1414129216 Emma Conroy

      I get it when people text like that maybe not to such an extreme level however when involved in a group conversation using text language is annoying. Next time you comment try full English because calling people immature when you haven’t wrote one word right isn’t helping your argument.

      • Correction Required


    • Patricia soler

      Okay, well i’m 13 and I have an iPhone 4, and this kid obviously needs help, just because you have a phone at a young (I got mine at 9) age doesn’t mean ANYTHING. So please, stop freaking out and deal with it. its 2012 people.

  • happy_bee

    The dreadful use of English in this thread of comments just prove why only 4 people in my class of 29 were able to pass there English mock exam. when I was marking most of them failed because they would miss-spell words that most chimps can spell. It is “you” not “U”,”are” not “R” and “said” not “sd”. these are spelling mistakes i see everyday as a teacher. the worst is when children ask me how do you spell “somefink”. That’s not even a work you idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I truly fear what is to come when this lot of morons are old enough to to vote. 

    • Dementia

      Not to be a smartass ma’am, but you have a couple typos yourself.

      • happy_bee

        sorry not easy to type with my new hands. the fingers on these work differently to my other ones. just proves new is not always better.

        • Dementia

          Not always. Hopefully you get used to your new…hands.

      • guest

        my my what did happen to these stupid americans..the only things that you guys are doing are killing innocent people,raping innocent womens and stealing…and you call all of these as honor??? F*** YOU!!while you guys are cursing each other over these stupid reasons there are millions of people dyingall because of the stupidity of the americans..english may not be my mother language but i still can write,speak and read it better than the stupid and selfish americans…the place for the U.S ARMY SOLDIERS in the afterlife is no where other than HELL..all of you guys will be burned by the fire and will the endlessly pain forever

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Emma-Conroy/1414129216 Emma Conroy

      haha i would have loved to hear my high school teacher speak about the kids like that i would have cried laughing. Epic post!

    • Analyst

      You sir are also an idiot, “there” as in over there, for a place not a person, their is the correct term and you “just prove” that should be just proves.
      One more thing well a few more things if you are a teacher then i can see why you Americans are dumb asses and # 26 on the list.
      Oh wait you must be a MATHS teacher, sorry MATH teacher.
      You should have used a spell checker before you wrote this.

    • Concerned

      So, happy_bee is a teacher who ‘helps’ students with their English exams.

      God, help us. 

      You are a person lacking in the areas of significant cognition or logical constructs and you are disadvantaging your students with your subintellectual activities.

      This individual totally lacks one shred of intellectual accomplishment.
      As he / she says “That is not even a work you idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

      I truly fear, that the likes of happy_bee has the right to vote. But then again, it probably explains how Dubya was elected twice!

      I’m sure happy_bee goes home to his / her spouse, talks about the students and complains that they are ‘misunderestimated’.

      Do yourself and everybody else a favour, resign your teaching position, hand back the generous salary you were paid and either go back and start elementary school again, or go and flip hamburgers. As a teacher, you are nothing but a menace!

      • Jack

        Ah yes, the generous salary of schoolteachers…

  • Colin MacKenzie

    Wow, the grammar and spelling on this thread is ridiculous…

    • Nellybell99

      I didn’t see any mistakes but does ‘acquainted’ have two “c”s?

      • Guest

        Just the one ‘c’. You didn’t ask me but thought I’d reply anyway.

  • Guest

    All of these comments are brilliant! Getting so worked up over a couple of spelling mistakes and a few grammatical errors. I’m 15 and couldn’t care less how people write when it doesn’t really matter, we can understand it so calm down guys.
    By the way, this is an advertisement for an “iPhone for dummies” BOOK not an English test.

    • Dementia

      Although, people should know how to spell nonetheless. I hate the new “lingoes”  because young Americans don’t know how to spell anything other than text format. It pisses me the fuck off, because I’m a 90′s kid. Brought up in the right aspect of life, young adults(10-18) don’t even know the definitions of quite a few words. All they know is drunken sext logistics, which means nothing in the real world. That’s how we Americans are failing at being the smartest country in the world. We once were number one, now we’re number 26. It’s a fucking shame. I have bettered myself in the world today, because I am apart of the U.S. Army. I have been on two combat deployments. I know how third world countries teach. They’re teaching what we learned fifteen years ago. I don’t care how old you are, you will never amount to what I have done with my life. I have given you freedom, truth, honor, and integrity. Become the educated American that I used to know, besides the “gamer”, “txtr”, “uneducated” AMERICAN!!!

      • Guest

        Okay that’s a fair point. I’m English and I don’t really know where England is on that list. But saying I could never amount to what you’ve done? You don’t know what I am aiming to achieve but I’d be pretty damn proud if I could amount to your life, but obviously with my own country.
        All I was saying is that it wouldn’t matter about the mistakes made in the advertisement because it’s promoted for “dummies” so they’re going to make “dummies” understand it? Maybe that’s what it was, probably not though.

        • Guest

          Sorry not the actual advert the comments, the advert itself did a good job at attracting their dummies. 

        • Dementia

          Sorry. Also was drunk when I wrote that. 

      • Tmobilejonathon

        fuck you and the gay ass army, your just a little bitch that dont know shit

        • Dementia

          Mother fucker, if it wasn’t for the military your punk ass wouldn’t be able to do all the shit you probably do. i.e. smoke pot, drink, fuck fat bitches, and play your world of warcraft game. So I suggest you shut the fuck up, and man the fuck up, you fucking worthless piece of shit.

          • Ray

            Tmobilejonathon, you are a fucking asshole. If it were not for the army the U.S would not still be around. So shut the fuck up and get back to trying to find porn on youtube.

            Dementia, I am only 16 and I do play games and all… but I think it’s a little unfair to catagorize ALL young adults as uneducated

          • Dementia

            That was towards the people who aren’t trying to better themselves. Our country is the laughing stock of the world at this current moment. Yes, we still are currently at war; and cannot afford anything; but our education levels have depleted drastically over the last 10 years. Mainly because nobody cares anymore. Although there are still a lot of smart Americans, but not everyone is as educated like them. Is it not a shame?

          • Guest

             Yes, your country IS the laughing stock of the world. And no wonder. You and your service buddies blindly follow the orders of megalomaniac generals and go on $Trillion excursions all over the world……and for what?
            The US is so caught up with spending money on military adventures that they have forgotten the basics like education and health for their own people.
            But not to worry, as you have ‘bettered yourself’ by being part of this sick cycle, I’m sure your healthcare, education and pension benefits will be looked after for years to come.

            But, then you probably won’t even remember.

          • Dementia

            It really is a “sick cycle” that I do choose to be part of. Sad, maybe. At least my education and health care is all paid for. Which is messed up that these “so-called politicians” spend trillions of dollars that we do not have on shit that’s not really needed for these wars, and not for education and health care policies for the Nation. Yes, I am proud to say I am an American Soldier. I have been in since I was 17. I graduated high school when I was 16. So who really need the     education? Not I. The question is, what will really become of this great and powerful nation within the next couple of years? When everyone voted for Obama, I was in Iraq. I had no say; nor could have done anything; even if I could have during this last election. I don’t really follow politics, so I’m not sure of their plans for the education and health care policies.

          • Tony

            You SHOULD be proud to be an American soldier.
            Better yourself by educating yourself about your country’s policies / politics.
            As is said “If you don’t make a difference, no difference will be made.”

          • Jack

            There is no honor nor pride to be had in being a mercenary pawn that is simply a cog in the systematic machine that oppresses weaker nations.

          • ntiFlag

            omg this is so fucking typical american. “Im part of the US army i did my job now kids make our great great country even better because i shoot some wholes in ppls brain my job is done”. RLY?? I’m german we killed the most ppl in ww2 ure american u killed the most ppl since ww2. Im glad my country did clean up its past, we dont want to fight anymore cause theres no reason to fight other then political interest and stupi littl man with some great aggregate. U know why txt lyk´this is better? cause it’s easier 4 ppl non motherlangueded to handle english. the wordl will grow together with the Internet and Smart Phones u just have to decice wether ure part of it or call it stupid and uneducated. But some day we prop all speak a mix of englich and Internet languege and hopefully, when we reached this point. there no more need 4 soldiers.

          • Nick

            No more need 4 soldiers………or Germans!

          • UkraineMan

            Hi! I’m from Ukraine!!! German GOVERNMENT did A LOT OF bad things to my Motherland in past, BUT i like german PEOPLE, because they did REALIZED, that they was mistaken in WW2… Can you see the difference??? And u.s. soldiers must serve in army, just to get social stuff(health,insurance and so on.) so there is no other “easy” way to get your “cool american status”. Choice: you had to be “daddys boy” or really-really smart person to stay on your feet. And of course U.S.Army “helps” all those homeless, jobless, brainless and other morans who decided to “play the real war game just for fun and main social BONUS”.
             Can you realize, that it is ILLEGAL to burst into another country  with any “good looking” reason!!!!!!!!!!

      • Guest

        I think you name points to your future.

        “I have bettered myself in the world today, because I am apart of the U.S. Army.”

        “Apart of the U.S. Army”? I’m sure you mean “a part of”.

        But then again,  I believe you would better yourself further if you were actually apart from the U.S. Army.

        • Dementia

          Whatever. How can my name point to my future? Sorry, but that sounds fucking retarded. 

          • Guest

            Don’t you remember?

          • Dementia

            No, been blown up quite a few times. 

          • Ukraine Man

            don’t be so “veteran”!))) When someone blows up, that person will keep it to himself))) bad comedian… how old are you, my dear “soldier of fortune”???

          • UkraineMan

            Dude, nothing personal but: dementia, in your case, means – strong muscles, and probably, weak brain. All you need is just brain-training, BUT not a brain-washing… serving in any army of the world – is just soul, heart and energy waisting. Me too was in the army in 2002-2004. Sometimes it was interesting and even cool in some way, but not really… We have difficult relationships between the “new guys” and “experienced warriors”. It looks like a prison relationships, and our chief-officers also was trying to wash our brains, but in that time i already knew – that it is MY brain and if I’ll need to wash it – I’ll do it myself!))) Be smart, Dude! 

        • Jack

          Bahahahaha. What a great response. Army commercials have brainwashed our impressionable youth with ease.

          • UkraineMan


  • Perfectlyimperfectteenager

    I’m 16. I grew up in the “projects” I guess you could say. I didn’t get my first phone until almost the end of my first high school year. My mothers two rules were 1) I need to pay for it myself & 2) I need to wait till high school to get it.

    I don’t know about anyone else but trying to “txt lyk this” pisses me off. I have a blackberry and I may type fast, but I type it ALL out. Most of my friends do too. So to say my WHOLE generation can’t write in proper Englsh is unfair and extremely arrogant.

    Then again, I am from Canada, and I was still born in the ’90s.

    It’s not only my generation that can’t type or chooses not too though. I know adults that can’t either.

    There are exceptions to every statement or rule, and for those of you that can not see that or choose to be so rude as to judge, criticize and make stereo typical assumptions, I’m sorry but your assuming just makes an ASS out of U and ME. Don’t tell my specific generation that we need to grow up and care more and stop being so lazy, because while some of don’t give a fuck about spelling, that’s because we’re too fucking busy dealing with our cutting, anorexia, bulimia, depression, and other issues.

    You so-called “adults” need to grow the fuck up and quit being such hypocritical, judgmental bitches! I see your point of view but none of you have any right to judge since none of you are perfect either. Grow up!

    • Guest

       I agree! You were stillborn.

    • Dementia

      I know I am nowhere near perfect, but you’re missing the point. It’s the fact that most people are so fucking retarded and use the “txt tlk” on everything they do. Meaning schools are failing. Children are getting phones younger and younger. I never had a phone until I joined the Army. Even then, I always spell out the full word. Now, yes I am guilty of the text language, but I only use it if I am currently busy, like driving, or at work. BUT I will always spell out a word online, on an exam, writing notes, lists, etc. Like I said before, I am nowhere near perfect. 

      • Awesome Guest

        Schools are not failing, schools get better and better results every year. Also, it’s not most people that use “txt tlk”, it’s just that the media finds that much more interesting to point out than teenagers that can spell. The reason children are getting phones younger and younger is because they grow up with their parents having one, with their older brothers and sisters having one and using it all the time. This makes them want one and they also know how to use them which justifies them having phones

        • Dementia

          Who could 7 or 8 year old be texting? A friend? A Chester? Not all phones are private nowadays, along with every number can be spied on or hacked or even found on the internet, for the sick perverts to get a hold of.

          • Concerned Parent

            Maybe a 7 or 8 year old could be texting their parent(s). So many parents these days encourage their young kids to have a ‘phone so that they can keep in touch with their kids and keep tabs on them. 

            Not unreasonable.

          • Dementia

            That crossed my mind, but then again so did the last comment I had. Just saying.

          • Lisa

            So, ahh, did anyone buy the book?

          • Sinodus

             Simply opening the doors to that risk is unexcusable – Kids need to learn about the risks in life before they are put into any networking situtation!

          • correction required


        • Kris G

          it is proven that to be able to use the so called ‘txt tlk’ you have to be able to know how to spell the word in full so that you can realize how to shorten it.

    • Dementia

      On a completely different topic. You make me feel old. Haha

    • guest

      How’s the “cutting, anorexia, bulimia, depression, and other issues” going?

      Try using a boning knife instead of an electric razor on your wrists….loser.

      • Nickisanarsehole

        Hahaha…. troll.

    • Mick Johnson

       You Were Still Born In The 90′s…?  Really…?  Damn, That Is Rough..

    • UkraineMan

      Yo, dude! Glad to read such a comment like yours!))) As for me, you are too clever for your 16… But I also think, that you should be VERY appriciate to your mother. And one more – your way of thinking close to “ukrainian” one… With no rude words and wrong-teaching shit. Tell my commendation to your MOM!))) And of course – greetings from Ukraine! 
       P.S. Sorry for my english.


    The most obvious problem I see on this thread is the lack of PROOF-READING!!! This is the longest tread of stupidity I have ever heard. Seriously!!! The problem is ACCOUNTABILITY!!! This “no child left behind” bullshit is for the birds. If your kid doesn’t do their homework and fails, then they need to fail. It only needs to happen once. If they don’t get it then, then put them on lock down until they do. We need ACCOUNTABILITY for parents too. We need licenses to do just about everything in this world, EXCEPT TO BE A PARENT. So quit the bitching and do something about it. Hold your family accountable, hold your friends accountable, and most of all hold yourself accountable.

    Ohh, and “opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one and they all stink.”

    • Nick

      Ohh, and “opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one and they all stink.”

      …..especially yours

      • UkraineMan

        dear guest, be so kind – blow yourself, ok? and one more: stop being an idiot!))

  • ntiFlag

    license to be a parent, oh well, america the country of freedom i guess^^ 
    this thread is so funny thx to all of u 4 making my day better :_P

  • Kitcat_684

    While the author and publishers of this book might appreciate all your comments, I don’t think they care about your opinions regarding generations, selfishness and who’s to blame for anything. You’re all quite boring if you feel the need to validate your thoughts on a website that’s made to sell you stuff.
    I have an idea, how about you all go back to a thing called reality and do something useful.

    • Toxicity

      validate our thoughts like u? i just love that anybody cn say anything on websites^^

    • guest

      Well congratulations Kitcat!…..finally…you have an idea.

      Probably the first & last you’ll ever have.

  • Huurrduur


    • Trollhunter

      closet case

  • Lul

    Isn’t this supposed to be a comment section for this book?

    • guest

      “Isn’t this supposed to be a comment section for this book?”

      yes…….and your point would be?

    • guest

      i believe these are comments

  • csalan

    iphone for dummies lmfao hahahahah yeah there must be people need it

  • Candycorn

    fuckin bitches dont even know how to use a fuckin iphone

    • Evelyn_leung

       that’s really rude.

  • http://www.displaysandholders.com/displays-and-holders literature holder

    that’s amazing… i like this….

  • Homesickpolarbear

    If you had an Android phone, you would NOT have all the problems that you do with the iPhone!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH :P

  • Franklawson33

    No kidding…Apple for sheep who need things done for them….and ONLY the way Apple wants.

    Android is for people who want to USE their technology how THEY want.

    Wake up sheep!

  • Smanswell

    floopyingfy u !

  • ….

    why buy your i phone might be broken already before you finish the book

  • Adfadf

    Why dont they need a dummies book for PC? it isnt needed, PC people are dummies

    • Eddy

      Because Apple freaks are so stupid they need someone to tell them what to do! 

      • apple user

         apple is really easy to use and im like what? 12?

        • Lewis Casey

           shut up Eddy you MUG!!!

    • Kilalamoko1177

      uuuhhmm . . i think you’re a bit confused and your comment is logically wrong…apple fan? maybe PC users don’t need a for dummies book because we don’t need it, unlike apple users who need instruction on how to type, or pretty much do anything??

      • Damienpattel

        fuck u all crap on too much time on ya hands,, lol people writting biggest paragraphs over nuthin, grow up ,, please?

  • Aaronwhitehorn

    woot big up android, got the htc explorer lol great fone

  • Ash

    See, I see nothing wrong with having a/an * for Dummies book,  Some people are going to need it, and even some seasoned techies are going to want to read it to maximise the full potential of their -insert device here-. Now for all you Apple haters who are preaching Android, Android has it’s problems too. Some of them really blatantly stupid. Tech is going to have bugs if it has software. Sure you may be able to do more with them but for most people who want a “smart phone” they want it for mobile web browsing, gps and maybe a game or two, and some music, not full blown customization of every little thing. Android does really well on all but the music part, and that is mainly due to a lack of a universal interface, e.g. iTunes for iOS products. If Google would provide a decent computer interface, I think Android could almost out perform Apple. To get them to outperform Apple, there would be to have a single format of device, like Apple does with their iPhone, and release revisions of them that have updated hardware, software, and features, so that they can focus on one device and keep making it better and better, instead of hundreds of different devices using different hardware, and having to custom tailor each load to work with those devices. Personally I think the Windows 8 phones are going to sneak in and blow away everyone. Don’t post hateful comments without doing your research, Microsoft has some sneaky things they’re going to pull really soon (Hopefully everyone remembers Nokia). Bottom line, do your research, think in the terms of an average user, and not an advanced user, and don’t disrespect a device because of it’s affiliation to a particular manufacturer or OS, because most people have done their research and purchased what they believe to be the best device for their needs; They may just want to know a little more of what it’s capable of.


    • some Guest

      you’ve mentioned a quite a number of insights that i find somehow in need of correcting,

      i hope you do realize that the reason android is in  ”hundreds of different devices using different hardware, and having to custom tailor each load to work with those devices” ,  is because google hands out their android OS to manufacturers and developers for free, their idea of maybe an “open use of their OS” like how Microsoft is with windows?? also, people are able to choose which phone they will buy depending on either their preference or budget(and not because its the “new” iphone)on “there would be to have a single format of device, like Apple does with their iPhone, and release revisions of them that have updated hardware, software, and features, so that they can focus on one device and keep making it better and better”

      with hundreds of devices from different companies running android, these companies are inspired to “push” further with their own technology, to compete with other android phones of other companies(see how android phones already have 3D capability with LG optimus 3D) even with hundreds of phones, android users still are one, there’s really no discrimination among users (guy: oh you’re still using the old iphone 3g, i have the new 4gs now), to prove this, check the android market
       and you do know that the technology inside any Apple product, are manufactured by Samsung, LG, Qualcomm (all of which produces Android phones) but why is the iphone priced ridiculously higher than any of these companies’ phones?
      the competition among companies keeps the prices of android phones at check(unlike the iphone’s ridiculously high price)
      on  ”decent computer interface”  i think a lot of people find apples interface very outdated, i saw hundreds of reviews about them on the internet saying so, unlike android’s, that interfaces are easily customized, aside from choosing theme, they get to choose the type of font, icons, widgets, style of transitions, how the battery operates, how the processor operates, and a lot more to be mentioneddon’t disrespect a device because of it’s affiliation to a particular manufacturer or OS, because most people have done their research and purchased what they believe to be the best device for their needs uhhhmm, i think most people that buy the Apple products is because of its “trend” and not so much of any intended needs, never heard anyone say, “i need to buy a macbook air because it’s the best to use for my autocad needs, OR, i really need the iMac because i really have to play the latest battlefield game !!–burn, OR, i need to buy the iPhone because the autocorrect will be of much help!–burn again”but, i HAVE heard people “omg omg omg, the iPhone 4 is out!! it’s all i want for christmas!!”,), OR, “i asked for an iPad for my birthday, because i saw my friend’s iPad and it’s sooooo cool”, OR, “hey, i have the new Macbook”(saying this to a person who owns a monster PC rig

      you should see, APPLE likes monopoly in their products, just like communism and socialism, everything is the same, sure they can change this or that, but in a really restricted range(background, folders, simple theme, phone casing) just like in communism, people are “allowed” to change/choose their clotheslast but not least, I HAVE NEVER SEEN A SEASONED TECHIE READ A DUMMIES BOOK

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000202827824 Leonard Wehling

        why u write a long story about android dude. no body is gonna read it. just buy a blackberry and everythings is fine. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/brwamahmud Brwa Mahmud

    in your language means ” still I like Iphone”

  • http://www.facebook.com/slipknotmohamed Mohamed Hanzo

    viva i phono


    wat dummy doesnt kno how to use an iphone my sis is2 and she knows how to use one:) just sayin

  • Jsand

    guest guest, omg you people think your so clever what about the elderly, they have no clue and need help so if someone offers them a book no matter what it is called would help you all want your grandparents to use pc’s and smart phones and when they habe a question about it you all make fun of them.

  • Dan the reasonable man

    All those slagging apple off: 

    The only reason you bad mouth apple is because YOU are so narrow minded to stick with PC or android. I can guarantee none of you have owned a mac OR an iPhone and you reckon you know it all. I have owned both types of OS and by far apple shits all over your PCs and Android phones. Indeed they have their plus points, but lets face it you are always going to be plagued with viruses, malware & all that other shit installing program after program to keep malicious content from getting onto your phones and computers, whilst the fastest most efficient technology that isn’t made out of cheap plastics and doesn’t need replacing every 2 seconds because your PC has crashed or your phone has frozen! 

    You wouldnt go buy a zune over an iPod would you. No.The bottom line is, apple pay attention to every little detail to make their product the best. Android/PC just throw whatever they can think of together and see if it works. whilst blatantly stealing as many ideas from apple as they can. Iphone then android, ipad then tablets. Ipods then Zunes. 

    Im not claiming to know it all but for fucks sake GET the product and use it first before you start bleating on about how shit apple is. Its because youre jealous. that’s all it is.

    • Dfvfvfvf

      Knob I’ve got iPhone 4 and 4s and an iPad 2 and a mac book air they all crap over priced and dont use them. Prefer my windows 7 laptop which if u knw how to use u don’t get viruses and it don’t crash it a very stable operating system. Hw about u don’t search for shit loads of porn all day and jerk off den u wudnt get no viruses. Feckn idiots

      • jkjuggerball

        You have nothing than only a Samsung
        Gio. Little Troll.

    • Kilalamoko1177

      there were android tablets before the ipad was released(please research, no it wasn’t the galaxy tab, it was a china-made tablet, it was an innovation, and since it came before the ipad, it wasn’t a knockoff either,

      yes i have used apple products, my sister owns an ipod touch 3 and some friends own ipods and iphones 3 & 4, i like and have fun playing apps on them, but i wouldn’t spend a shitload of cash for them, why? it’s true they have optimized the ios, but it’s way overpriced and everything about apple is controlled by apple, i don’t like being controlled, and spend shitload of money for that matter,

      buying a lg optimus 2x would be better, it has a way faster processor for  a fraction of the price here in my country

    • Tim

      LOL i tried both, SGS2 and Iphone4S. SGS2 is much better. its an open OS and u arent controlled by anyone. Nobody here is jealous because u got some apple shit. and there arent any viruses on windows 7 or android if u have antivirus system. and windows 7 is very stable!
       i have SGS2, galaxy tab 10.1 and PC for 4000$, and sold iPhone 4S couse its crappy shit. not worth of 800$.Apple is much more expensive and it sucks but nobody sees it couse everybody is so obsessed with its look. and BTW i know Macs couse my friend has Imac.

      • jkjuggerball

        Man you ar full off it.
        Go sie a Docter,you need help.
        You don’t now what a iPhone or Mac is.
        Samsung is a play machine for little
        people with a small tiny fuckt up brain.
        APPLE is onbeatable,stick that in your
        tiny head. There is now way around
        APPLE. NON

        • Ddd

          ur an idiot.

    • Reginald

      No its Because Apple Products are really named after the fruit how many times can you drop an iPhone accidently and have the screen survive lets see 0. How many times came you drop a LG, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, ZTE. All phones that myself and Friends own Countless times with and without silicone hard cases to protect them. As for freezing friends Iphone froze entirely no functions at all would not even let them turn it off and being a shitty apple iPhail device you can’t just pull out the battery to reset the device no you have to wait till it goes flat and in the meantime your fucked if you need to make an emergency call or someone trys to ring you in an EMERGENCY. Apple devices are crap just for that one stupid design flaw alone.

    • ntv

      I work with both, Mac and PC. Mac really has a bad OS. It has lots of problems with compatibilities, problems with fonts, problems with PDF creation (really slow!), problems with updating your software (did you know that several Adobe products stop working if you change your OS to the newest one?). Well I need to work every day with computers and I’m happy for each day that I don’t have to use Macintosh computers. Mac computers are too expensive, for the price of one Mac you can buy a PC with wings,much, much beter. Apple policies are against you, they don’t care about the user. Why can’t I do what I want with the hardware that I buy? By the way, did you try to run Flash on you iPad?

    • Douglas

      I have an epic 4g touch and my dad has the iphone 4s. he needed my brother to write down a phone number for him because my father couldnt add it to his contacts from the messaging app. besides, even a jailbroken iphone has fewer features than a virgin android phone, want to theme? android does it out of the box. third party apps? click a little check box in settings. equalizers, live wallpapers, keyboards? all in the market for android. and if you do root your android like I did, can you install custom versions of ios on your jailbroken iphone? no. I can install any os on my android phone as long as there is a port of it or if I make a port, which is easy because its all written in java and smali

  • Phoenix

    I was an Apple fanboy for years, then I got an IOS device, and the march away from Apple products began.  The Iphone is seriously impaired in its function by Apples draconian policies.  I since replaced mine and bought an Android phone (much better), simply because I can use it how I want too not be dictated too on how I can use MY device by Apple (they are going increasingly in the same direction with their computers).  

    When it came to computer update time I spent months researching the different options.  Since then I bought a Windows 7 machine and have now almost completely abandoned Apple products (and am very happy with my decision).  I would never again go back to an Apple Mac, or bother with any of their other products, they are overpriced, under-powered, and largely function impaired by Apple’s policies.  If you want increasingly dumbed down technology designed for those with next to zero technical skills (and a Fisher Price approach to technology) then Apple products are good options.    If you want devices you can use according to your own options then Apple is not well suited to you. 

    • Edward Treen

      What utter bollocks. 

      I presume your car has a starting handle, an advance-retard lever, a primer on the carburettor, non-syncromesh manual gearbox, and acetylene lamps.

      The only thing I could agree might be function impaired is the OP.

    • Danny

      I have a samsung Nexus Prime and a samsung tab 10.1 ( updated ).
      And i have also a iPhone 4S.
      Now i have sold my both samsung devises,why??
      You now the answer.

      • Adler Oliver30

        know what because ur  an idiot……

        • Reginald

          Because YAFM!

  • http://fsrefund.com/homes-for-sale/ca/orange-county/mission-viejo/ homes for sale mission viejo

    I have held both kinds of OS and by far the apple company shits all over your PCs and Android mobile cellphone devices. Indeed they have their plus factors, but let us accept it you are always going to be affected with germs, germs & all that other stuff setting up system after system to keep harmful articles from getting onto your mobile cellphone devices and computer systems, while the quickest most effective technological innovation that isn’t created out of inexpensive materials and doesn’t need changing every 2 a few moments because your PC has gone down or your cellphone has frozen! 

  • Robknooren

    “why can’t we all just get along”
    get what you want and stop critisizing what other people like!!!
    there will never be a device that everybody likes,and can do what everybody

    • noname101

      I agree with you but even if you say that, many people are just too ignorant and childish.

  • Te Secret

    The people who have owned both apple and other products are not just being
    Fanboys, i am just a normal dude ( i know enuff to “build a pc, reflash phones, hack modems/ cable etc and only say to give u rough idea about my tech level) who has owned various iDevices and various other phones and computers but every time i meet a new apple i pick it up and it is so tactile i dont want to put it down, try it, and if you dont get that “i aint letting go of this feeling” then i say you are telling fibs, ALL devices are great to some people but the iDevice fans dont need to rep for apple devices as tbh they are such a pleasure to hold and own etc they would still sell if they self destructed after a 1year

  • techoptional

    you are all fools.. a phone is a phone. its primary function to txt and call or even the big word “COMMUNICATE” who gives a flying fuck what model, brand label, price, colour… if your happy with your devices then stick to what you know rather than have a tech out war over such a bullshit topic. buy your shit..use your shit..if its breaks..change your tactics abit..nuff said. 

    • b0bb

      LOL, I will 2nd TO’s exceptional post.True to the bone,like it should be…..

  • Chikiba

    Chikin Bum Bum…

  • Samsung Galaxy S2

    LOL apple fanboys are always angry… Just get android.

    • Jicreafr

      come on, you pay attention for smartphones? i have a macbook pro and iphone 4s (with dualboot), with my iphone i can run android and ios with no problems. i really cant like android because the ugly UI, i like android for the possibilities of customization. don’t lost your time defending samsung/apple/android/ios… get a girlfriend… get a life :)

    • Purehell_3

      Just get both, lik I did

  • Roger

    I was talked into getting an iPhone, just as I was talked into getting a BlackBerry… This time I wasn’t so stupid, took the option of returning the iPhone; 
    Hate it, 
    Hate it, 
    Hate it! We have a Samsung Galaxy Tab, and other android phone. So swapped my iPhone for the LG Optimus 3G, hoping that hubby will have this and I can buy the Samsung SII for self. Android goes where the Apple o/s only dares to peep!

    • Boki1104

      take an android

  • thunderlord_2200

    and i cam here thinking apple was out to get me.  lol (came here from a sate stating things about iphones they dont want u to know… >_>

  • jazz

    i currently own an apple ipod 3G 32gb and yes the current software on it is pretty good as it is really easy and simple to use, i love it, the battery life is relatively poor after about a year as it loses charge unfortuneatly like all products but i also have the HTC incredible S and the software is very modern and ovbiously up to date (currently with OS 2.4). also half the apps you can buy on the apple market which costs, on the android its normally free and if you do buy malware infected apps thats whole point of bothering to use your brain and downloading genuine safety apps such as lookout, but everyone has their own opnion but i would choose android over apple as it seems the more prevailing in evolution through handheld technology than any other OS system.   

    • http://twitter.com/Derickwjazz Derick Winterberg

       Apple freaking CREATED the handheld market.  And they are the ones who continue to evolve it into each new generation.

      • Nyahguy

         That is actually horribly incorrect.  PDA’s and Smartphones became integrated well before an iPhone was even heard of.  the handheld market would clearly exist in alternate US without Apple handhelds.  I feel like everyone here is horribly biased one way or the other.  The truth of the matter is that tech is tech.  Apple does provide a smoother, better rounded experience, but this user-stupification comes at horrible prices.  Androids tend to be a little more sandboxy, but the choices you can do with them are great.  You’ll never see a truly custom rom on an iPhone.

        I personally use cost as my deciding factor, and for $100 my android has not let me down.

  • Andycamav

    I own both PC and Apple computers, and both work very well. I have an Iphone and it is pretty cool too and works very well. I think I am fairly unbiased about either of them. I do think that some of the android phones that are available now, like the samsung, are better than the Iphone. Also some of the limits on conectivity with apple products are a bit restricting. This is why I have both because nither one of them is an outright winner

  • Bris World

    A company i know of run a competition every month, the prIze is the phone of your choice, guess what, they always choose the iphone
    Face it if you have a Samsung it’s because you can’t afford the iPhone

    • Aaron

      Samsung galaxy note… Fucking rapes iPhone.. In every way possible.

      Your argument is insanely out of the question.

      -Bought Note, threw out i4s.
      Apple is trash, good day.

      • jkjuggerball

        Wake up and smell the fumes boy.
        You live in a Samsung box,and its never
        beiing unpackt.

        • AK

          thats is why i have a droid….

      • Bruce

        You say that the Samsung wins in every way possible. Which has the most available apps and even if you just narrow it down to the most desired apps which phone are they available for?

      • jkjuggerball

        Keep on dreaming.
        And slap your girlfriend on the ass with your note.
        She probebly likes it,with that lovely plastic feeling.

      • Aaron Hinchliffe

        Hey you have no clue do you apple computers iPads and notebooks and ipfs and iPhone are mad to last longer and shit all over other brands and why the price of the apple stuff cost a bit more than other brands are be cos thay use better stuff in the products and made better and by the way andride phone can go to the rubbish dumb I haves had so meant of then phone buting but trouble and just a east of money iPhone ate so much better in so meant way like ever sec person would just about have one and thay are the number one phone in the would for reliability and worth the money ever cent

    • http://www.facebook.com/Psytranceonaut Tom Brunzel

      lol even though all the samsung phones out there are way better than the iphone crap…everyone with an iphone just wasted money :D

      • jkjuggerball

        Wait and see when the iPhone 5 comes out.
        And strange anough this is posted with a samsung tab 10.1
        And that my friend is one piece off crappy tab.

        • AJ

          Well DUH! Of course it sucks. Its like 1/5th of the price! Get a Asus Transformer Prime, with better specs than the iPad, and more features, and less price you cant go wrong!

    • Dontbearetard9

      UH NO, just because people have Samsungs don’t neccesarily mean that they can’t afford iPhones. That sentence is absolutely stupid. Some people have samsungs because they can customize it more, or because they already have an apple product. AND ALSO, SOME PEOPLE have Samsungs because they look better in other people’s eyes. I wish you’d stop being such a retard and trolling on samsung-owners, because your statement is absolutely invalid. What a retarded thing to say. 

    • AJ

      While I like the iPod nano, the iPhone is pointless to me. I mean the 4S camera is great and all, but should you have to void your warranty to customize it?

       The Tegra2 is better and faster than the iPad 3′s A5X and iPhone 4s’es A5. It has 1 GB ram, vs 512 on the 4S and iPad, and runs linux (Android) which can be customised however you want without voiding your warrenty.

      Banning jailbreaking is like saying you can’t run Windows XP or linux on your new windows 7 computer, or you can’t watch channals above 30 on your brand new TV.

  • Samsuck

    Samsung others title – the lag, jammed, hang. Haha, i got both of them but seriously people who dyingly said that the samsung is way better than iPhone is hypocrite :D

    Why? You yourself knew it.

    Note – better i get hook with ipad lol, cellphone doesn’t have to be that big.

    SGS2 – yup big screen plus big time hang :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/den.c.ti Den C Ti

    Apple is great but only for entertainment.
    I guess working with PC is more suitable at work.
    Don’t get me wrong we own iphones but let’s not forget iphones were first programmed using a PC.

    • Bruce

      I am not sure you know what you are talking about. First off what work app can a Windows machine do that a Mac can’t. If needed a Mac can also run Windows faster then most Windows machines do. 

      What makes you think that the iPhone was programmed using a Windows app. It was programmed using Unix or should I say Mac OS not some hobbled together OS that is so full of problems that it has to be updated at least every week to just keep working.

      I don’t know of anything that a Windows machine can do that a Mac can’t do. The basic Macs are usually faster then similarly built Windows machines and after just one OS update the Mac starts being less expensive then the Windows with their OS costing $300 for upgrade of stripped down version to over $600 for the full new install version and the Mac OS costing $29 for the full new install version that install faster, easier, and more trouble free. The main benefit of Windows based computers in a business situation is that it keeps five times as many service employed as the same system based on Mac would.

      • Seanthemonkeynuter

        install programs for windows on mac? :P

      • AJ

        All I know is for $700, I got a desktop from system76, 2 weeks after my Mac Pro. My mac pro has a CPU one step down from the system 76, same ram, same hard drives, and NO graphics card, but cost almost $4000. (BTW, the system76 machine is hackintoshed, so it is running Mac OS now. It almost makes me sad I bought the mac pro, when I can save money by buying mac os and a PC.)

        While macs are shiny, They DO run windows better than MOST windows laptops, but that is because MOST windows laptops don’t cost $1000 or more. I can get a $900 ASUS or $950 HP that preforms almost 2 times as fast as the $1000 macbook air. 
        Mac OS is geared towards businesses that can’t afford to spend time fixing things that computer illiterate people mess up. 

        People buy macs for the same reason why people buy jewelry. Because they can, and it makes a statement. That is totally fine though! Im going to stick to windows, and whenever I have a kid over, I will boot my Hacintosh into mac OS.Name one thing you can do on a mac you can’t do on a PC. I know on a PC I can run programs from the internet.

        Oh, and BTW, the original iPhone firmware scripts were written using Unix, specifically Mac OS 10.3, but the icons, and other graphic elements were designed in windows. The whole thing was compiled in Mac OS though. iOS 2 and up were made completely on a macintosh.

  • DEX

    Androids are better than iphone

    • Prigle


  • Iddi_r

    is it a free app?

    • Imbm24

      Is what a free app? You didn’t specify what you were asking about.

  • Bruce Lebel

    Friggin cult plain and simple. My phone is better than yours! Who the fuck cares? 12 year olds?

    • jkjuggerball

      Watch your language young man!!
      Or you ar goiing to HELL in a plastic
      Kisses. Hahahahahaha

      • c3ralki1l3r

        cool it
         apple isn’t good in everything
        such as mabye get free paid apps
        apple-got to jailbreak and fucks it up
        android-downloads of the interwebs
        i like apple and all but i would go for an android as a phone and apple as ipod

  • http://www.newiphone5.net/ iPhone 5

    this book is a waste.

  • Nojunkmail

    Wait until the iPhone 5 come out! Listen little boy, it’s already out. It’s called the iPhone 4S, which will be slightly upgraded and called “The New iPhone” and you’ll crap all over the back of legs. The problem Apple has is the restrictive and limited functionality of iOS. That’s why every home and office has a PC in it and not Mac and that’s same reason Android is activating 900,000 devices a day and growing.
    Have a nice day.

    • jkjuggerball

      Apple, Good
      Android, it’s that a game for some devices??

  • Wcruz

    lol, wow, you apple folks sound like liberals. always claiming you are the best and know better and dog everyone else. but get all pissy when someone starts to shit on you back.

    • jkjuggerball

      Whe ar the best.

           __}  {

  • Andy Boy

    Firstly, hey I’m a liberal, the people that you’ve described are condescending, not liberal :(

    And secondly, more smart phones currently run on iOS than they do on Android, it is slow and confusing in comparison with iOS. Trust me I’ve had both, Android was terribly rushed and they seem to have cut corners in some areas, although Apple is BLATANTLY overpriced in some areas, frankly I see it as you getting what you pay for. Windows, although boasting wide compatibly, lets face it, vista was a pile of garbage and 7 isn’t great either, unless you are willing to pay equivalent to Apple prices, you aren’t going to get a computer that can handle those operating systems well.

    • jkjuggerball

      Finaly someone smart arround here.

    • J Bradshaw

       I work tech support, and no I’m not a foreigner, and I’m not a man, I am a minority – a true minority here.  I am a woman!  I have worked tech support since the genesis of the internet, when we were all awed at the webpage designed that said, “you have now reached the end of the world wide web.” 
      When it comes with Android devices, Andy is very correct.  They are pushed so quickly that it seems that the consumers are not consumers they are test markets.  However, it does have a common thread with Windows based computers, doesn’t it? 
      The Apple OS is, as unfortunate as one wants to admit, the most stable operating system out there.  I don’t know why, well – because I’m a poor and broke tech support consultant, and I also only have the liberty of using it at school.  I also find that at my job, the ONLY computers that come to me with software issues, hardware issues, etc, are Microsoft computers.
      WITH respect to cell phones…I was an avid droid user, for nearly 10 years, until the recent release of the RAZR, I purchased one for both me and my daughter.  I was thinking it was the titanic of cell phones.  Afterall the original was seemingly indestructible.  But when our ship sank within the first week we had our phones, the images of all the droids we’d ever owned and all the money and energy and time we’d spent dealing with a crashing system, defective units, tech support with no more than a dummy phone to walk us through our issues (meaning they were released BEFORE a manual could be devised and now it’s just standard protocol to not send out a manual at all), and most of the time, I knew more than them simply because I knew basic computer knowledge.  That’s all a “smart” phone is, is a shrunken computer.
      SO the best thing I could do for my sanity and my time was invest in the Iphone, for both my daughter and myself.  It was the best purchase I ever made.  I’ve never had it crash, I’ve never had powercycling issues, I’ve never had a defective phone.  I’ve struggled with understanding Itunes, and some issues with compatibility with my stupid cheap Microsoft computer, but otherwise…it was a good investment.  I think…I’ve finally found a phone that will outlast my contract! :-)  And that’s amazing. 

  • Billybob

    Apple for pretentious dicks who like gay raibows.

    • Chinch

      hey there, billybobski - 

      don’t imagine you would have much use for one anyway.  they are a technological marvel with abilities far beyond your obviously limited mind.

    • Lindafoulkes

      Hey. Your the pretentious dick. I’m 58 and I think Apple is the best invention since sliced bread. You obviously aren’t very intelligent either

      • DavidWillis

        I agree Lindafoulkes. Apple is a superior company and Billybob still sleeps with his sister and can’t spell “rainbow”. Idiot.

      • Eckert_clan

        apple sucks. my screen came off of my ipod without me even using it for a week. the manufacturing sucks.

        • Eckert_clan

          just saying be prepared for stuff like that. everything else is amazing except the manufacturing

        • Thomas Kelly

          Wow, never heard of that!  No, seriously, how does a screen come off?  I have an iPod Classic and several iPhones, but never an iPod Touch.  All of the Apple products, the only glass screen that comes off with a little intentional effort is the iMac’s Glass Display Cover (by design, “no screws!”) I can’t imagine any screen coming off an iPod.

          The screen “came off” on which model iPod? 

      • Meh.

        Calm down; he’s just another troll. You find those on the internet.

    • Hates_billybob

      ha ha ur retarded billy bob… are u doing this on purpouse

      • Hates_billybob

        u know just to be funny?

        • Hates_billybob

          or are you sierious

  • Billybobtookitinthepoopshoot

    “Includes coverage of iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and the new iPhone 4″ Well no 4S. Oh well book’s not for me.

  • Paul Hannon

    One common theme you’ll notice from those slagging off apple: Low income!

  • Kulganis

    This was a reply to a post further down the list, but It became too much like a comment in its own right, I have left the initial paragraph alone, but I thought I would put in this one to clarify as to why it appears that I am replying to someone.

    The reason you cannot jail break an android device, is because you do
    not need to. It arrives in a jail broken state, to install some apps, one
    does need to root the device, simple to do, but to get to that point,
    you set a setting in the actual OS, if it is otherwise, then blame your
    carrier not Google.

    BTW, Google make the android OS that you buy with most retail phones,
    yes, but you can still download open source, third party created
    versions of android, just like you can get versions of the Chromium
    browser that is the ancestor of Google Chrome (but still updated daily
    thanks to the wonderful Linux developers of the world).

    Viruses can exist on any device that the virus maker sets his hand to, the only reason Mac devices don’t have a great many concerns is not that the security is high, it is that there are not enough devices compared to Windows in business that would interest would be hackers. Your home network is of no interest unless you are high up in a company that is being targeted, or you’ve pissed someone off.

    I can watch flash video’s in websites out of the box on an android, I
    don’t need iTunes to activate, hell, I really don’t need to hook my
    phone up to a computer for anything at all, ever.

    Never owned an iDevice, but I’m system admin for the company I work for,
    we have to support many iDevices as we have a BYOD Policy.

    Unless your company is a multimedia design company, you are more likely
    to have a Microsoft environment, getting iDevices to agree to Active
    Directory Services is a nightmare. We have to create specific shares for
    any Mac user.

    I can print from my android to any printer on a network, not just Airprint activated ones.

    I can (and do) block all the ads on my Google device, thus having a clean screen for maximum real estate.

    I have an LG Optimus 3D (P920) does any Apple product have glasses less
    3D? Admittedly, the tech is new, and can cause headaches with prolonged
    use. It has 2 x 5 megapixel cameras on the back to take 720p 3D photos
    and videos (probably not as great as an iPhones camera but that’s what I have a Canon EOS 5D for) that I can an upload directly to youtube, in 2D mode it takes
    1080p photos and videos.

    Yes, there is some instability, but that is because the OS isn’t
    optimised for the hardware it is on, simply because every company has
    slightly different specs, I knew this from the get go, so it doesn’t
    bother me.

    About the only + I can see for the iPhone is that it has an integrated music player, wow, nice, excellent. (there were MP3 players years before the first iPod, there just wasn’t an easy way to get MP3′s for the legally minded, that is where Apple triumphed with “iTunes”)

    Still prefer to use WinAMP on my droid, it happily streams shout cast over 3G, and syncs with my home WinAMP.

    The fact that i can switch out SD Cards, so as to have unlimited space in my mobile is important to me, rather than the one size fits all approach apple have, it allows me to put many videos, documents, music into my wallet, and switch to whichever album I wish without using as computer.

    Oh and removable batteries, why anyone would think making a battery so integral to a mobile device that it is built in to the case is beyond me.

    And before anyone has a go at any of my spelling, whilst I have been careful, it should be known that I reside in Australia, here, we use British English.

    Also, this is not a rant against Apple, if you prefer those devices, then who am I to try to persuade you to stop liking them? It is simply my opinion for my own use style.

    • jkjuggerball

      You can jailbreak a android phone ( it cals the bootloader ).
      But its not recomended.
      By the way i have the Xperia S,iPhone cant tutch that.
      And LG is strongly comming on with Android,good for that.

  • Andia1981

    How do you delete apps from your I cloud?

    • jkjuggerball

      If it starts to rain your apps will be deleted from
      your icloud.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stephen.ryze Stephen Ryze

     I think this proves

  • http://www.facebook.com/stephen.ryze Stephen Ryze

    This book really helped me to get used to my iphone 4. Believe me this is the only thing you need to master your new iPhone

    • lg

      its funny because iPhones are made for idiots and you couldnt figure it out on your own.

  • FUJI

    wow cant beleive all the negativity on here over phones seriously!!!! i have an iphone i’ve had one for 5-6 years now i do love the simpleness, but all this apple is the greatest bullshit is annoying makes me want to get rid of mine lol …. and if the iphone is so great then why does everyone feel the need to jailbreak theres ???

  • Jacob DeLeon

    I don’t know how I got here on my iPad, but the only thing I really like about both Apple and Google devices is that either way you can have free music. I have an HTC Aria, and my iPad, I prefer my iPad and iPod Nano Touch for music, and I have 2 iPod shuffles, and altogether my music library totals to 1,159,276 songs so with 32GB 16GB 8GB and 2 2GB devices I still need more memory, the pros and cons of each company will be on the next paragraph.

    Google -
    Pros: Multiple memory cards, hundreds of phones, always a free app per day, AT&T sim card capabilities, microSD and some internal storage phones, free music and other downloads without having to download any apps. Price range of appable devices: $200-$2000 non-appable: $50-$500

    Cons: some companies don’t go together, HTC and AT&T mixed on my HTC Aria make it so with AT&T I can’t get non market apps, and with HTC I can’t get my phone rooted. Bloat apps, all devices with the Android OS have apps like maps, readers, and other aps you know you won’t use, and if you have a warranty you can’t root it to get rid of those. Apps from big app producers usually go to Apple not Google. Price range: $0.99 – $3000 (included android laptops and tablets)

    So altogether I like Apple and Google phones, tablets, pods, laptops, and anything else, but everything has its pros and cons, so choose wisely and make sure you can do you what you want/need to on your device.

  • http://www.facebook.com/plrclark Paul Clark

    hi i have an iphone 3g and when you disconnect the usb the phone show an apple and wont boot any ideas

  • peter kokot

    can we just buy it and make you rich ?

  • Don’t dis my iPad

    My God, what a lot of anger and ignorance out there. Seriously people, get a life. It’s just a phone. If you don’t want an iPhone then don’t buy one. But honestly let me give you some advise, if it’s your first smartphone buy and you don’t have much to spend save a little more to get something decent or get a good model second hand. Entry level androids are slow and buggy, you get what you pay for so the cheap ones just give the phones a bad name.

  • rickenbacker

    >>iPhone For Dummies: Includes iPhone 4>>
    Wow, the book includes iPhone 4! i know it’s not the latest model, but a free iPhone. Cool.
    (Oh — wait. I made the mistake of assuming that the headline was actually supposed to mean what it said! Silly me.)

  • TSmith

    i think both are good phones and if your clumsy maybe you should now own a cell phone made of plastic and glass just saying my 13 yr old has had i phone for almost 2 yrs and she loves it and the same with me i have had HTC and now I phone but i have to agree HTC is better than i phone android world (play store ) has a lot more free apps I phone wants to charge you for everything !

  • Idontcareaboutappleorandroid

    For all iphone users, you should know that they can shut down your camera and microphone any time they want. If you walk into an area that they have blocked all those funktions will be shut down. They are taking patent on it know. look it upp yourself.

  • http://www.starlightdreamwalkerscosmicsurfbox.com/ Starlight Dreamwalker

    Diversity creates, uniformity stagnates

  • noname101

    Why are you guys making things complicated by arguing like little children?
    This is just a book how to use an I phone?
    So, how did Android phone came up through the conversation?.

  • jaden fire

    Ok im just annoyed so many sites dissing Apple, I had a iPod touch 2g long time ago, traded it in for a Nintendo 3ds a year ago and only cause my iPod was not being supported anymore. I then could not afford another apple product so i was curious about android so i bought one and i will say im glad that im getting rid of this tablet in few months for a iPad mini. Man once you taste what apple offers its hard to compare i mean, for one the device (galaxy nexus 7 tablet) has poor battery i got 5 maybe even less hours just reading, music and web, and for the 2nd the apps man id go on about that store, ive had a virus from some farming game on the Google play store it was pulled down 2 hrs after i downloaded, installed and uninstalled, it took some of my music and docs with it, i use a virus cleaner and it found a virus in my device that game was a fake. Apple is so much trustworthy i had one i know but i do understand peoples view some people have there faves, they have to have what suits them that’s fine, i just don’t no why allot of review sites diss apple i been too allot since the iPad mini was released so much negativeness i mean android is ok needs improvement but ill go back to Apple, i feel there’s more safety i had never had a problem with there apps.

  • 666dkg

    i use android apple is no good !!!
    it is not compatible software-wise to my computer !!!!!!!
    goto youtube type my name and have fun with the live dj-sets

  • dont rage bro

    why so many ragers?

    • Guest

      Long story made as short as I am currently able to – It’s all to do with identity! Lots of people believe that when something, they use or have around them, that they identify themselves with is ridiculed, or said to be inferior or not worthy and therefore is being diminished and attacked by others then they themselves are being diminished and attacked.

      It is a form of attachment, (using the word attachment in a spiritual sense here), or if you like a possession. Those types of people are unable to withdraw from the possessions that hold power over them and that they identify themselves with, or even as, and therefore believe that they themselves are being ridiculed.

      Once a person is able to see clearly who they truly are, without relying on estimating their own self worth in terms of the car they drive, the cell phone they use, or anything ese that stamps a label across the window of their soul and prevents them from seeing themself as the true spark of living consciousness (sometimes called the soul) and that they are free to be and do anything they wish, without the bonds of attachment to material things they place upon their own spirit, then they are said to be enlightened enough to set themselves free of the constraints of the massconsciousness of identifying one’s self as a physical object.

      And how do we do that? Well that is what I am still learning about and don’t have a short answer for because if I did I would not be on this plane of existence answering this question that you asked either!

  • rhonda

    remember when we’d buy a phone & have to ask “does it have a camera?” lol! And it was a FLIP PHONE!

  • sumdumguy

    Everybody should know by now that Blackberries RULE.

  • DJ Maniacal

    I tried to download The Damian Channel on iTunes and couldnt do it!

  • armydicked

    First, you need this book (I have the 4S one) or one like it. A SMART PHONE i-s n-o-t a “SMART PHONE”; it is a mini COMPUTER that permits you to make PHONE CALLS!!! Talk about Paradigm Shift—my iPhone 4S IS my iLife.
    Need to score some cheap gas? Gas Buddy App. Need to shame a BIG CORPORATION to fix your dad’s power chair? Photo App. Gmail App, Send Attachment of Photo. Your friend’s in an accident and going into shock and the hospital E-Room is advising you how to stop the blood/stop shock—hospital App, Photo App. Friend’s in the hospital in NJ and your’e in CA? Facetime App. Spain is rioting and you want to sell your position in Spanish Pesos? Dogpile App, Trader App, Send video to file sharing service (private) to special investors. You’re out of gas in a bad part of town “SIRI, WHERE AM I?” SIRI, NEAREST GAS STN? You’re in the DMV line and there are 67 others ahead of you? Itunes or Videos + Bose AE2 phones. Heard a great tune in a pub but dont know its name? Shazam App-Point & ID. Can’t see the lock to open your house door? Torch App. Boning up on your Manangerial Accounting Quiz and you need a quick refresher? IBooks App or I University. I’m not Loyal—Americans do not understand the concept. I selected iPhone 4S because a.) Liked OS6 and b.) Free, hold your hand training at Apple Store c.) Hella Apps available. The iPhone 4S was absolutely Brilliant, the iPhone 5 is a joke (I’m Sprint and Sprint has no 4G LTE where I live—why UPGRADE if the best I get is 3G Service 18% thinner/25% wider?
    Again, these SMART PHONES have lots of potential IF you take the time to master them. My Dad has an iPhone 4 and he can’t figure out how to listen to VoiceMail. “I just want a simple CellPhone, Son!!!” NeoLuddite Girlfriend is just as bad (I just sneered “Good thing I didn’t get your Pregnant—dont want to have a part in mankind going backwards (de-evolution)!!!

  • Dredger86

    You are all gays fags….weenies…..

    • dan

      sounds like you are the fag because you envy the work that we do.,I’ll bet you haven’t a clue of our work scope and no doubt you couldn’t handle it ,because you are obviously are an ignorant moron. And sounds like to me that you have the gay tendencies that make you love to suck a hard one.

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